Ultimate Buggler

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Ultimate Buggler

Ultimate Buggler face.jpg

Game: Super Bomberman R
HP: 8 (Beginner)
10 (Veteran/Expert)
HP to K.O.: 2 per shoulder (Beginner)
3 per shoulder (Veteran/Expert)

Ultimate Buggler (アルティメットバグラー , arutimetto bagurā) is the second and final boss of World 6, Black Hole, in Super Bomberman R. After the defeat of Great Gattaida, Buggler takes on this massive form. Having barely survived, the Five Dastardly Bombers use Buggler's system to steal energy from the black hole, allowing them and the eight Bomberman Bros. to fuse together and become big enough to rival Ultimate Buggler.


Ultimate Buggler himself remains in place in the center of the map. The arena is comprised of a long, solid platform with two levels in the forefront and a series of smaller, disconnected platforms on the left and right sides. The player must use the moving floors to access the platforms near Ultimate Buggler's shoulders in order to attack him.


Ultimate Buggler periodically issues one of four attacks:

Closing Hands

Ultimate Buggler brings his hands to the left and right sides of the upper level of the foremost platform and brings them together. Bombs placed here will be destroyed without detonation. During this attack, his body raises, evading blasts.

The Bomberman Bros. and the 5 Dastardly Bombers join forces.

Side Swipe

Ultimate Buggler holds his right hand over the furthest edge of the left side platform. He swipes his hand forward, leaving behind a series of three 3x3 unit circle targets, which quickly erupt. Any bombs in the wake are eliminated without detonation.

Scattered Blasts

Ultimate Buggler spawns ten 3.5x3.5 unit circle targets in random spots around the field. Each target explodes after a moment. Bombs caught in the middle are detonated. On Veteran difficulty, a second set is spawned shortly after the first, but before the first set explodes. On Expert difficulty, a third set is spawned after the second.


Rising up and turning to face the player, Ultimate Buggler emits a massive beam attack from his chest.

Weak Point

When both shoulder pads have taken enough damage, Ultimate Buggler will slump forward. His head is vulnerable at this time. Bombs placed on the upper platform in the middle three columns can damage the boss.

While Ultimate Buggler never enters an enraged state, his rate of attack will increase as he continues to sustain damage.


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