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Option Bomber

Option Bomber.png

Gender: Neutral
Game(s): Super Bomberman R
Character Type: Unique Type
Sbr gem.png 1000

Option Bomber - A (オプションボンバー・甲, opushonbonbā kō) and Option Bomber - B (オプションボンバー・乙, opushonbonbā yǐ)[1] are playable characters who appear in Super Bomberman R. They were added in update 2.0 on November 15, 2017.[2] Both characters are identical save for body colour and Grand Prix abilities. Option Bomber - A is blue and Option Bomber - B is purple.


An Automated Support Bomberman, developed on Planet Gradius to assist Vic Viper Bomber.

Its data-linking capabilities allow it to lock on to Vic and follow him with precise accuracy, shadowing his movements and performing simultaneous attacks to help him annihilate enemies.

It isn't really self-aware, and as a result can be very stubborn, but what it lacks in flexibility it makes up for in loyalty and ability to follow orders.

~ Super Bomberman R Official Website[2]

Special Ability

Option Bomber's special ability is Trace (トレース, torēsu). When touching another character, pressing the button will cause it to mimic that character's abilities indefinitely. This includes their special ability as well as their items - even if the copied character has less power-ups than Option Bomber has, the new stats will be replicated instead, resulting in a loss of items. When an Option Bomber is eliminated, only the items it has physically collected are scattered. Items are scattered even if they were no longer available to the character as a result of a Trace.

This also makes Option Bomber immune to effects that said character is immune to. For example, when copying Pyramid Head Bomber, it can no longer be harmed by Judgement, and when copying Magnet Bomber, Magnet Bombs will not attract to it. The copy lasts for the duration of the match, or until the character is eliminated.

Option Bombers can trace the abilities of other Option Bombers, including copies of themselves.

Option Bomber - A

Option Bomber - B


Option Bomber is derived from the Option, a type of weapon that follows the player's ship in Konami's Gradius video game franchise.


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