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Super Bomberman R

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Switch cover art
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PS4 cover art
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Xbox cover art
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Steam cover art
Developer(s): Konami Digital Entertainment
Publisher(s): Konami
Platform(s): Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Windows, Xbox One
Release date(s): Nintendo Switch: March 3, 2017
PS4/Windows/Xbox One: June 12, 2018 (NA), June 14, 2018 (JP/PAL)
Genre(s): Action, maze, strategy
Mode(s): Single player, multiplayer

Super Bomberman R (スーパーボンバーマン R Sūpābonbāman R) is a video game developed by Konami and HexaDrive for the launch of the Nintendo Switch. It is the first main entry in the Bomberman franchise to be developed after the dissolution of Hudson Soft. The game is a reboot both in terms of canon as well as being the first console Bomberman released in over ten years.

Later games set in this universe include Bomberman The Medal and Super Bomberman R Online.

Story Mode


On Planet Scrapheap, the evil Buggler appears and uses dark powers to revive five scrapped robotic life-forms, the Five Dastardly Bombers. He bids them to join him in a quest for revenge. Meanwhile, on Planet Bomber, the Bomberman Brothers are slacking off, despite their eldest brother White's insistence that they train diligently. They receive a transmission from Buggler, who states that his Buggler Army has taken over the five planes of the Starry Sky Solar System as part of his mission for galactic conquest, and insists that anyone who is brave enough to oppose him should come and face the Five Dastardly Bombers. White vows to defeat them, but he must force his apathetic siblings to come with him.

The Bomberman Brothers work their way from planet to planet toward the center of the solar system, defeating each Dastardly Bomber in combat and freeing the planets from their grip, overcoming their own limitations in the process. On Planet Scrapheap, Plasma Bomber tells them that his objective is to overthrow the organic life-forms who created them, because they treat them like garbage and discard them on a wasteland planet when they tire of them. However, after his defeat, he regains his former memories, and realizes that he and the other Dastardly Bombers had been brainwashed by Buggler when they were resurrected. Buggler arrives to goad the siblings into a final confrontation.

Following Buggler into space, the Bomberman Brothers discover that the galactic conquest mission was a distraction, as Buggler's true goal is to turn the Starry Sky Solar System's sun into a black hole capable of swallowing up the entire universe. He summons the unconscious Five Dastardly Bombers and fuses them into a giant robot to battle the siblings. When they are defeated, he himself grows to galactic proportions, forcing the Bomberman Brothers to fuse with the now clear-headed Dastardly Bombers in order to create a Bomberman large enough to rival the villain. Though Buggler is ultimately defeated, he swears that, having been born from the evil in the hearts of life-forms across the universe, he will always return.

Despite their victory, White's siblings continue to neglect their training after these events, much to White's chagrin. However, when a popular new pet on Planet Bomber, the Ballom, causes a mass disturbance, they spring back into action, tracking down the culprit and retrieving their own Ballom in the process.

Character Selection

One or two players may play cooperatively. Any character who has been unlocked for play can be selected in the Story Mode, including boss characters. Accessories may also be equipped, and all special abilities may be used as well. However, both players cannot select the same character.


The World Map screen.

Battle Mode

Super Bomberman R features a classic Bomberman survival battle experience in which the goal is to be the last player (or team) standing. Up to eight players may compete at the same time; an alternate variation of each battle stage exists for 4-player and 8-player matches. There are three options for the Battle Mode:[1]

  • Multiplayer Battle - A couch multiplayer option. Up to eight controllers may be paired to a single console.
  • Local Battle - Up to four nearby Nintendo Switch consoles may participate with one another wirelessly. Two controllers may be paired to each console, allowing up to eight players to compete. One player must create a room, generating a 4-digit room number for other consoles to enter using the "Find Room" option.
  • Online Battle - Two controllers may be paired to a single console, connecting to the online network.
    • League Battle - The player is connected to a room with one to three other players. See League Battle below.
    • Free Battle - The player may create or find a room via Room Number, as in the Local Battle. A Quick Play option matches the player up with any random room that is waiting for other players. Finally, the Find Friends option will connect the player to any room created by one of their Switch friends that is currently awaiting other players.

In non-League Online Battles, players may gain or lose BP and gems by the following rules:

  • +150 G for completing a battle.
  • +2 BP for every ★.

The Team Battle was not present in the initial release, but was added in update 1.4 on June 28, 2017.[2]

Rule Options

  • Rules - Battle Royale or Team Battle.
  • Player - 4P or 8P.
  • COM Level - Off, Weak, Normal, or Strong. COM players do not appear in League Battles, and are automatically selected from the Bomberman Brothers depending on their player order.
  • Sets - How many victories it takes to win a game. 1-5.
  • Time - How long a match can last. 1-9 minutes.
  • Start Position - Fixed or Random.
  • Revenge Carts - Whether or not defeated players may continue to engage via Revenge Carts.
  • Pressure Blocks - On or off.
  • Skulls - Whether or not Skull items appear.
  • Special Abilities - Determines if players are allowed to use character-specific special abilities.

The PlayStation 4 version of the game does not support eight players in local mode,[3] so the Player option will not appear on the menu during local mode.

Battle Stages

List of Battle Stages in Super Bomberman R

League Battle

League Battles abide by a pre-defined rule set. Each battle is a 3 minute 2-4-player Battle Royale with 2 sets. Start position is fixed, Revenge Carts and Pressure Blocks are enabled, and Skulls and Special Abilities are disabled.

By winning matches, players may gain BP (experience points) and ascend the six leagues of the game. By winning games in higher leagues, players obtain more gems for use in the shop.

League B Rank BP Cap A Rank BP Cap First Place +G
Baby League 500 BP 800 BP +100 G
Novice League 1000 BP 1400 BP +150 G
Amateur League 1800 BP 2000 BP +200 G
Pro League 2500 BP 3000 BP +250 G
Champion League 3500 BP 4000 BP +280 G
God League 5000 BP 4999 BP +300 G

Some other factors also influence BP and G gain and loss:

  • Completing any League Battle yields +150 G.
  • First Place yields +100 BP.
  • Second Place yields +80 G.
  • Last Place yields +20 G.
  • 2+ Consecutive Victories yields +30 BP and +200 G.
  • Beat a Higher-Ranking Opponent yields +40 BP in the Baby League and +20 BP in all other Leagues.
  • No ★s results in -70 BP.


In update 2.2 (9/19/2018), "BOMBER TIME" was added to both League Battle and League Grand Prix.[2] From 4PM to 9PM on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, the amount of gems and BP gained through League Battle are doubled. From 4PM to 9PM on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday, the amount of gems and BP gained through League Grand Prix are doubled.[4]

Grand Prix

The Grand Prix Battle Mode was added in update 2.0 on November 15, 2017.[2] This is a new two to six player team-based Battle Mode. For more information, please check the Grand Prix article.


The first page of accessories in the shop.

In the shop, players may spend the gems they accumulate through playing the Story and Battle Modes in order to purchase accessories, playable characters, and Battle Mode stages, separated into three tabs. Some shop items appear at the beginning of the game, while others require certain unlock conditions to be met for them to become available to purchase. Purchasing a battle stage gives the player the ability to select that stage when playing locally or when hosting their own room.



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The list of updates details all public information on the post-release development of the game.

More info to come.


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