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Gender: Male
Game(s): Super Bomberman R
Voice Actor: EN: Blake Crawford
JP: Hiroshi Shimozaki
(下崎 紘史)

Smuggler (スマグラ, sumagura)[1] is an antagonist who appears at the end of World 7 in Super Bomberman R.


Smuggler is involved with a company that imports Balloms. By withholding his stock, he made the popular pets scarce, enabling him to raise his prices. This lead to a frustrated public, which caused the Balloms to go wild with negative emotions. When the Bomberman Bros. went looking for their own pet Ballom, they ended up at Smuggler's warehouse, where they found him preparing to escape and lay low on Planet Brainwave. Though cornered, he refused to admit to any wrongdoing. The argument was interrupted when the Marbled Ballom fell on top of Smuggler, crushing him.

Smuggler was last seen drifting through the air, flattened, after the Marbled Ballom was destroyed.


  • The name "Smuggler" is an English word indicating someone who illegally transports goods. It doubles as a pun on Buggler, the primary antagonist of the game.
  • In update 2.0, which introduced the Smuggler cutscene, one of Smuggler's lines in English was "...Ah, these damn balloons." In update 2.0.1, released on December 6, 2017, the word "damn" was removed from both the caption and the recorded dialogue. Footage of the old line may still be seen in this YouTube video.



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