Reiko Bomber

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Reiko Bomber

Reiko Bomber.png

Gender: Female
Game(s): Super Bomberman R
Character Type: Unique Type
Sbr gem.png 1000

Reiko Bomber (日ノ本零子ボンバー, hinomoto reiko bonbā)[1] is a playable character who appears in Super Bomberman R. She was added in update 2.0 on November 15, 2017.[2]


A Female Wrestler Bomberman from the Planet Rumble-Rose.

She's the daughter of legendary female wrestler Kamikaze Rose Bomber, who died in the ring. A determined and devoted athlete, she has followed in her mother's footsteps, and dreams of also becoming a famous wrestler.

She works part-time as a "race queen" model, and the poses she's perfected while doing this play a big part in her wrestling style.

~ Super Bomberman R Official Website[2]

Special Ability

Reiko Bomber's special ability is the Body Shield (ガッツシールド, gattsu shīrudo, literally "Guts Shield"). By pressing and holding the button, she creates a 3x3 square shield in the form of a boxing ring. She cannot move or take any actions while the button is held. The shield can last for up to six seconds if the button is held, but it can be deactivated earlier if the button is released or if Reiko Bomber is eliminated. Blasts and characters originating from within the shield can leave, but no objects or blast may pass through it from ground level. After the shield is released, there is a five second cooldown period before Reiko Bomber may use Body Shield again.

A promotional image shared on @officialbomberman on Facebook on September 21, 2017.


Reiko Hinomoto is a playable character from Rumble Roses, a wrestling game released by Konami.


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