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Golem Bomber

Golem Bomber.png

Gender: Male
Game(s): Super Bomberman 2, Bomberman Panic Bomber, Super Bomberman 3, Bomberman B-Daman, Saturn Bomberman Fight!!, Bomberman Tournament
Affiliation(s): Five Dastardly Bombers

Golem Bomber (ゴーレムボンバー, gōremubonbā, also known simply as Gボンバー or Gボン)[1] is a recurring villain in the Bomberman series. He is a large, strong Bomber. His intelligence is a little poor, and despite his evil affiliation, he has a gentle heart.[2]

Classic Bomberman

Super Bomberman 2

Golem Bomber as he appears in Super Bomberman 2.

Golem Bomber first appears in Super Bomberman 2 as one of the Five Dastardly Bombers, cyborgs created by aliens for the purpose of capturing the original Bomberman. After invading Earth and kidnapping Bomberman, they head back into space. Golem Bomber is the second Dastardly Bomber that Bomberman encounters during his escape.


Golem Bomber is the boss of stage 2-7 of the Flame Stage.[3] He constantly pursues Bomberman, throwing bombs and avoiding explosions. Like other enemy characters in the game, he takes direct damage from thrown bombs, and kicked bombs stop when hitting him. His stats are as follows:[4]

  • HP: 3
  • Bombs: 3
  • Firepower: 10
  • Speed: Slow
  • Weapon: Power Glove. Golem Bomber always throws bombs.
  • Difficulty: B

In stage 2-8, Golem Bomber pilots the boss Fire Breast. When he is defeated, his section of the ship explodes.

Bomberman Panic Bomber

Golem Bomber in action (click to view).

Golem Bomber appears as the opponent of stage 13, and is the first enemy to be faced aboard the floating castle.

Super Bomberman 3

Golem Bomber and Doggan.

In Super Bomberman 3, Professor Buggler retrieves Golem Bomber and his allies from the scraps of their ship on Earth and revives them aboard his spaceship. Golem Bomber is sent to steal and scatter the pieces of the Mother Computer Chip on Achiachi Star. When White and Black Bomber restore the chip, he challenges them while piloting the mech Doggan.[5] Upon his defeat, he escapes.

Back on Buggler's ship, Golem Bomber fuses with the rest of the Five Dastardly Bombers to form Gattaider. However, they are defeated, breaking the transformation. He and his comrades are left behind in the exploding ship.

Bomberman B-Daman

Golem Bomber makes a non-canon cameo appearance as a Carry Bomber (はこびボン, hakobibon) in some stages. He carries a bomb from one side of the screen to the other. If he is hit by the B-Dama, it will explode, turning him black with soot and detonating the bomb he carries. The player must time their shot so that the bomb he carries will detonate as a part of the chain.[6] In some stages, multiple copies of him appear. He also sometimes appears in a space ship, moving faster than he does on foot.

Saturn Bomberman Fight!!

Left to right: Arm, Speed, Kick, Jump, Big Bomb. Small bomb: 1 point; big bomb: 10 points.
⃤: Minimum damage. ■: Maximum damage. Pink: Bomb. Blue: Big Bomb. Green: Super-Big Bomb.

After the defeat of the Five Dastardly Bombers at the hands of Bomberman, an injured[1] Golem Bomber ended up lost in a forest. He wandered for some time until he could not move anymore. Mami happened to pass by and took him home with her, nursing him back to health. Golem Bomber lived peacefully with Mami and her mother until Mami's mother became seriously ill. Golem Bomber learned of the Bomber Tournament, and that the winner would have any one wish granted. He decided to enter the contest with the goal of curing Mami's mother.[2]

Health 100
Arm 100
Speed 40
Kick 30
Jump 30
Big Bomb Gauge 50


  • Golem Bomber's Super-Big Bombs have massive explosions that hit hard. His player should use them with caution and always avoid getting caught in the blast.
  • Because his movement is so slow, the dash should always be used to get around the stage.

Story Mode

  • Stage 1: Radibom: Golem Bomber is annoyed by how loud and noisy Radibom is, and asks him to settle down. When Radibom refuses, he says he will force him to be quiet.
  • Stage 2: Peggy Jr.: The two face off without exchanging any words. After being defeated, Peggy Jr. eventually utters a single "hoge".
  • Stage 3: White Bomber: Bomberman is suspicious of Golem Bomber's motivation for being in the tournament. After Golem Bomber apologizes for beating Bomberman so badly, Bomberman recognizes that he is not acting as a villain, and wishes him the best as he moves ahead in the competition.
  • Stage 4: Puipui: Though Puipui is excited to battle, he is defeated. Golem Bomber declines Puipui's request to be taken with him, saying that he has business to do, and asking the monkey to return up the mountain.
  • Stage 5: Pump: Pump demands that Golem Bomber hand over his soul, but he doesn't seem to know what a soul is, and doesn't believe that he has one. The reaper decides that he is feigning ignorance and tries to take it by force, but is bested in battle.
  • Stage 6: Black Bomber and Bagulor: Bagulor commands Golem Bomber to help him defeat Black Bomber, but the giant defeats them both, stating that only one person can move ahead in the competition. Black Bomber is amused by the supposed falling out between the two.
  • Stage 7: Deral: Deral tells Golem Bomber that he looks like a wooden doll and a boring final contender. Golem Bomber says that she and he both look pretty similar, which enrages the vain villain.

As an Opponent

  • Golem Bomber speaks very slowly, often pausing between words. His text is rendered in katakana.
  • Golem Bomber is easily confused by language, like the words Denta used, or how Kotetsu ends his sentences with "gozaru", thinking he is calling him a "gozaru".
  • Honey, in her story, wishes to claim the bounty on Golem Bomber's head. Golem Bomber, however thinks that she believes his name is literally "bounty head".
  • Golem Bomber becomes easily angered when he believes he or Mami is being insulted.
  • Golem Bomber underestimates Lewysia, thinking that a woman cannot defeat him. When she bests him, though, he is apologetic.
  • Bagulor treats Golem Bomber poorly, referring to him as "kisama", while asking him to join him in his world conquest. Golem Bomber refuses because he is busy, so Bagulor tells him that if he can beat him, he won't have to become his servant. When he is defeated by Bagulor, he reveals his intentions for entering the tournament. Bagulor promises that he will cure Mami's mother when he gets his wish to take over the world.
  • Combatant No. 12 asks Golem Bomber if he will return, but Golem Bomber says that he left the Hige Hige dan a long time ago, and that he doesn't care. Combatant No. 12's persistence annoys him.
  • Golem Bomber is angry with Deral after she defeated Mami and vows to defeat her, but Deral claims that Mami deserved it because she called her an "old woman"? おばさん. When Deral defeats him, he incidentally refers to her as an old woman as well, which only irritates her more.


In Golem Bomber's ending, he makes his wish to the Goddess Statue for Mami's mother to be cured of her illness. He goes back to Mami's house and looks through the window, seeing that her mother has fully recovered. He then quietly slips away without being noticed, heading up the mountains, never to return to the village. Sometimes, villagers who become lost in the mountains are rescued by Golem Bomber, who is living peacefully with the wildlife.

Bomberman Tournament

The Five Dastardly Bombers return in Bomberman Tournament, attacking the planet Phantarion. It is revealed that they had attacked Phantarion at some point in the distant past, but were barely thwarted by a warrior who lived there. Upon their return, they attempted a revised variation of their previous attack, which worked. Dr. Ein sent MAX to answer the resulting distress call from the planet, but he disappeared.

Around a week later, Bomberman arrived on Phantarion, looking for MAX. He encountered Golem Bomber at Golem Base. Golem Bomber asked if Bomberman knew who MAX really was before informing him that his demise was inevitable.[7] He fused with Sea Wing to form Golem Ghost, but was defeated.

Unlike his previous appearance, in both the English and Japanese dialogue for this game, Golem Bomber is well-spoken, and displays no signs of impeded speech.

Super Bomberman R

Golem Bomber

SBR Golem.png

Gender: Male
Game(s): Super Bomberman R
Affiliation(s): Five Dastardly Bombers
Voice Actor: EN: Jeff Gedert
JP: Yoshiyuki Hirai
Character Type: Bomber Type
Sbr gem.png 5000

Golem Bomber (ゴーレムボンバー, gōremubonbā)[8] is the boss of Planet Timbertree, the second world in Super Bomberman R.


One of the Five Dastardly Bombers.

With an extraordinarily large frame, and the superhuman strength to match, in terms of sheer toughness alone Golem Bomber stands head and shoulders above the other Dastardly Bombers--half-hearted attacks won't even leave a scratch on him.

~ Super Bomberman R Official Website[9]

Golem Bomber is a robotic life-form who had been discarded and left for dead on Planet Scrapheap sometime in the past. Buggler arrives at the onset of the game's story, reviving him and the other Dastardly Bombers with his dark powers. Brainwashing them, he sends them to conquer the five planets of the Starry Sky Solar System. Golem Bomber conquers Planet Timbertree, maintaining a device which causes the conservation animaloids to go on a rampage.

Golem Bomber is sleeping in front of the device when Yellow approaches, waking him up, offering him some flowers, and asking if he wants to play. He scans Yellow to determine if he is a threat. White arrives shortly after, yelling at Golem Bomber to keep away from his little brother. Golem Bomber scans White and determines that he is a threat that must be destroyed. Standing up, he dwarfs the other two, causing White to panic. He battles the Bomberman Brothers in stage 2-9. He moves slowly and has at least two bombs, eight firepower, and the Punch. He only takes one hit to defeat.

In stage 2-10, he engages the siblings while piloting Fort Walker.

After his defeat, the Bomberman Brothers leave him behind, unconscious and sitting in front of the now-broken device he had been guarding. As he awakens, he discovers that Yellow has left him some flowers and a letter saying "See you again soon!"

At the Black Hole, an unconscious Golem Bomber is summoned by Buggler, who fuses him with the other Dastardly Bombers into Great Gattaida. Once the mech has been destroyed, Golem Bomber regains his memories, undoing the brainwashing. He agrees to help the Bomberman Brothers defeat Buggler.

During the credits, he is seen putting up a birdhouse with Yellow.

Special Ability

Golem Bomber's special ability is the Golem Bomb (ゴーレムボム, gōremu bomu). This alternate bomb type is heavy, and cannot be punched or kicked by any character other than Golem Bomber or another copy of him. Any character hit by a punched or thrown Golem Bomb, including Golem Bomber himself, will be instantly defeated. Originally, this bomb was not affected by Skull conditions, but as of update 2.2 on September 19, 2018, it is.[9]

A promotional image shared on @officialbomberman on Facebook on February 10, 2017.

Unlock Condition

Golem Bomber is unlocked in the shop when World 6 has been cleared on any difficulty setting. As a playable character, he appears as a much smaller Bomberman with a more basic body design. His victory screen art depicts him as piloting his larger body as a mech.



Various merchandise of Golem Bomber was produced during the 1990's:


Golem Bomber was created through a contest by Takuda Hirokazu, age 12, grade 6, of Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture, with two other entrants.[3]


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