Mystic Hatter

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Mystic Hatter


Game: Super Bomberman R
Pilot: Phantom Bomber
HP: 6 (Beginner)
8 (Veteran)
10 (Expert)
HP to K.O.: 1 per projector (Beginner)
2 per projector(Veteran/Expert)
HP to Enrage: 3 (Beginner)
5 (Veteran/Expert)

Mystic Hatter (ミスティック・エコー, misutikku ekō, Mystic Echo) is the boss of World 3, Planet Brainwave, in Super Bomberman R.


Mystic Hatter itself remains stationary in the middle of the map. The arena is comprised of an open, central platform connected to four raised platforms. The player must utilize trampolines to access the projectors situated atop the raised platforms.


Mystic Hatter has three attacks, which are issued at random.

Claw Slash

The boss turns toward a player character, raises its claw up to its face, then swings it in a half circle in its facing direction. This attack eliminates characters and destroys bombs without detonation.

Claw Slam

Concept art of Mystic Echo.

A 5x5 unit circle target appears directly over the player character. Soon after, the boss launches its claw onto the center of that space, creating a round blast. Another claw grows back afterward.

Homing Attack

Mystic Hatter issues a stream of 2.5x2.5 unit circle targets, which appear one-by-one directly over the player character. Shortly after appearing, each target is hit by a beam. Bombs hit by the blast are detonated. The number of beams cast varies by difficulty - it casts 3 beams on Beginner and 4 beams on Veteran and Expert settings. On Expert, the boss is capable of issuing this attack at three different rates - the normal rate, a slower rate, and a faster rate.

The speed at which targets appear increases by difficulty, and also increases when the boss is enraged.

Weak Point

Mystic Hatter's weak points are the four projectors located on the four raised platforms. The player must access each platform using the adjacent trampolines. Once each projector has sustained enough damage and turned off, the boss will lose its power and fall to the floor. Its entire body is vulnerable in this state.

After taking enough real damage, Mystic Hatter will enter an enraged state, increasing its rate of attack.