Alucard Bomber

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Alucard Bomber

Alucard Bomber.png

Gender: Male
Game(s): Super Bomberman R
Super Bomberman R Online
Character Type: Speed Type
Sbr gem.png 1000

Alucard Bomber (アルカード, arukādo bonbā)[1] is a playable character who appears in Super Bomberman R. He was added in update 2.2 on September 19, 2018.[2]

In Super Bomberman R Online, he is only available to players who have purchased the Premium Pack.


A half-vampire Bomberman, born to Dracula Bomber and his gentle mother.

He possesses his father's incredible dark powers. He rebels against his father's attempts at domination through fear, and challenges him to prevent his great ambitions. He occasionally fights alongside Belmont Bomber, who shares his ideals.

~ Super Bomberman R Official Website[2]

Special Ability

Alucard Bomber's special ability is Mist (ミスト, misuto). He can transform into a ball of mist for about one second. During this time, he is invulnerable to explosions and hazards, and can pass through bombs. His movement speed does not change. When the effect ends, he pauses in place to revert to his base form; this pause also lasts about one second. There is a cooldown of about seven seconds before he can use Mist again.



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