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15 selectable Bomberman Brothers in Super Bomberman 2.[1]

Blue Bomber (青ボン, aobon)🕪 is an alternate palette of Bomberman. He is the palette used for the fourth player in the Battle Game. He sometimes appears as a distinct character.

Blue Bomber appears as the default character for player four in every Bomberman game that allows up to four players in the Battle Game and which utilizes character palettes.

Classic Bomberman

Bomberman (PCE)

Blue Bomberman (ブルー, blue)[2] originally appears in Bomberman for the PC-Engine. He is one of fake Bombermen (偽ボンバーマン, nise bonbāman) who follows Black Bomberman, and is faced as a boss character in the final battle. Though he cannot place bombs, he has two HP, and can periodically enter a flame form, firing off one or two fireballs in random directions. In his flame form, he is invulnerable to attacks, and any bombs he or his fireballs touch are detonated.[3] He wanders randomly, but when White Bomberman lines up with him, he may decide to chase after him, increasing his speed for a time.

He also appears as a playable character for the first time.

Bomberman '93

Blue Bomberman appears in the first phase of the final boss, riding a blue bike alongside the other four three Bombermen. He has two HP.[3] He wanders randomly, but may speed up in a straight line if Bomberman crosses his path. He can also randomly place land mines (地雷, jirai) on the field. If Bomberman touches a mine, it will instantly explode with 1 firepower. Mines can be safely removed with explosions.

Irem Continuity

In the arcade titles Bomberman and Bomberman World, developed by Irem, ブルーBomberman is the third member of the Bomberman brothers. He is a competitor in the robot fighting competitions held in the year 2091, but whenever King Bomber goes rogue, he joins his brothers to stop his machinations. He is controlled by player two in both games.

Super Bomberman 4

In Super Bomberman 4, Blue Bomber acts as an Assistance Bomber. He is found trapped within a cage in Area 1-4 of the Primeval Era.

B-Daman Bakugaiden

Aobon is a main character in the B-Daman Bakugaiden anime series. Please see the main article on Aobon for details.


Bomberman: Bakufuu Sentai Bombermen

Blue Bomber (ブルーボンバー, burū bonbā) is part of a team of five Bombermen. Stripped of his power and transformed into a voxel Bomberman, he must fight back against the evil Waruwaru-dan, return to his original form, and destroy the enemy once and for all. In the Arrange Mode, his special skill is the Super Dash (active while the X button is held), and his special bomb is the Blue Bomb, which is camouflaged as a soft block. He is 158cm tall and weighs 48kg.[4]

Bomberman Land


In the Bomberman Land series, Blue Bomber (青ボン, aobon) is a member of Team Gold, answering to Gold Bomber. He is a fun-loving kid who excels at sports. He is described as the "straight man" of the group.[5][6][7] He also appears as a playable character in Bomberman Kart DX.

Blue Bomber is known as Kid Blue in the English localizations of the Bomberman Land games.[8] This name does not exist in the Japanese versions.

Super Bomberman R


SBR Blue.png

Gender: Male
Game(s): Super Bomberman R
Bomberman The Medal
Super Bomberman R Online
Voice Actor: EN: Jeff Gedert
JP: Genki Ookawa
Character Type: Bomber Type

In Super Bomberman R, Blue 青ボン, aobon[9] is a member of the Bomberman Brothers, one of eight protagonists.


The fourth eldest of the eight Bomberman Bros.

Blue believes in leading a life of leisure - so much so that he spends the vast majority of each day asleep. His special skill is the ability to fall asleep whenever, wherever, and for however long.

~ Super Bomberman R Official Website[10]
The third eldest brother of the 8 Bomberman Bros. This esteemed man of learning spends his time in the higher pursuits of the mind, contemplating the truths of the universe. To those who are less enlightened than he, however, his contemplation may look suspiciously like napping. And they wouldn't be wrong, as contemplating the great questions of the cosmos often make [sic] one quite sleepy apparently. A whiz with computers, he can usually work around any security problem in just a few seconds.
- Super Bomberman R Online in-game text

When he is seen, Blue is always sleeping or on the verge of falling asleep. On Planet Brainwave, his sleeping through Phantom Bomber's monologue agitates the villain. When Blue responds that people droning on makes him sleepy, Phantom Bomber's anger is further stoked.

However, Blue reveals a hidden technological talent after the battle. As the planet's cyber network collapses, the youngest sibling, Green coaxes Blue into disabling Phantom Bomber's digital lock with lies about White buying Blue a new and improved pillow and ear plugs. Despite his and his siblings' lives all being in mortal danger, these promises are the only thing that motivate Blue to use his technological expertise to disable the lock.

Later, at the Black Hole, Blue is able to recognize that Buggler is using the sun's energy to transform it into a black hole.


A promotional image shared on @officialbomberman on Facebook on February 14, 2017.

In Super Bomberman R, Blue has a set of default stats for Grand Prix Mode, but he can also be equipped with the memory cartridge of any other playable character, which will alter his stats to the stats of the selected character.

In Super Bomberman R Online, Blue's maximum firepower was originally 4. It was increased to 6 with the release of season 2.[11]

Shiny Blue

In the Shiny Edition of the PS4, Steam, and Xbox One versions of Super Bomberman R, available only via preorder, an alternate skin of this character, known as Shiny Blue (キラキラ青ボン, kirakira aobon? "Kirakira" is an onomatopoeia for glittering) is available. Once the included promotion code has been redeemed, he will be available at no Gem cost. He is functionally identical to the standard Blue.



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