Great Gattaida

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Great Gattaida

Sbr 6 1.jpg

Game: Super Bomberman R
Pilot: Buggler
HP: 8
HP to K.O.: 2 per shoulder

Great Gattaida (グレート・ガッタイダー, gurēto gattaidā) is the first boss of World 6, Black Hole, in Super Bomberman R. It is the combined form of the Five Dastardly Bombers after having been forcibly fused together by Buggler.


Great Gattaida itself remains in place in the center of the map. A long U-shaped platform containing trampolines and switch & block traps wraps around it. The player must utilize these puzzle elements in order to access the boss' two shoulder pads, which are its weak points. A number of soft blocks are also scattered about, which contain power-ups affording the player a chance to build up their stats, since the boss appears in the first stage of the world.


Great Gattaida periodically issues one of five attacks, which are all derived from the Five Dastardly Bombers' large boss forms. When preparing to issue an attack, the lines on its body glow in the colour of the corresponding character, and the black hole emblem on its chest displays a respective icon. If the boss is knocked out while still in this state, its attack can be stopped.

Magnet Bomber

Great Gattaida lifts its left fist and pounds the right side platform (from the player's perspective), then pounds the right side of the foremost platform. Any bombs it hits will be destroyed without detonation. The movement of the boss during this attack allows it to dodge bomb blasts.

The unconscious Five Dastardly Bombers are fused into Great Gattaida.

Golem Bomber

Great Gattaida holds its right hand over the furthest edge of the left side platform (from the player's perspective). It issues a flamethrower attack from its palm while sweeping forward. Bombs caught in the fray will be detonated. Because the boss' body is turned during this attack, it cannot be hit by a blast.

Phantom Bomber

Great Gattaida issues a stream of 3.5x3.5 unit circle targets, which appear one-by-one directly over the player character. Shortly after appearing, each target is hit by a beam. Bombs hit by the blast are detonated. The number of beams cast varies by difficulty:

  • Beginner: 4
  • Veteran: 5
  • Expert: 6

The speed at which targets appear increases by difficulty.

Great Gattaida as it appears in the cutscene.

Karaoke Bomber

Great Gattaida spawns 2.5x2.5 unit circle targets in successive groups at random all across the field. Each target explodes after a moment. Bombs caught in the middle are eliminated without detonation. The number of targets spawned varies by difficulty:

  • Beginner: 4 pairs of targets, 8 total hits
  • Veteran: 5 pairs of targets, 10 total hits
  • Expert: 11 quartets of targets, 44 total hits

Plasma Bomber

Rising up and turning to face the player, Great Gattaida emits a massive beam attack from its chest.

Weak Point

When both shoulder pads have taken enough damage, the boss will slump down. The black hole emblem on its chest is vulnerable at this time. Bombs placed on the upper platform in the middle three columns can damage the boss.

While Great Gattaida never enters an enraged state, its rate of attack will increase as it continues to sustain damage.

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