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Years ago, we began translating and compiling information on Bomberman in an effort both to study and revive interest in the franchise that we so love. We placed all of our efforts into a wiki in the hopes that others who share our passion would join us and help resuscitate the community. Unfortunately, we learned over time that a wiki that anybody can edit is not always a good idea. Now we have reconvened for a second, stronger attempt. Thus, Bomberpedia was born.

Our goal is to locate and compile as much information about the Bomberman series as we possibly can. We hope to revive interest in this beloved franchise and provide a reliable source for fans both old and new. Please enjoy exploring Bomberpedia.


Username Role
Pulsie❤ Admin/Writer/Editor
TheLadyOfBees Writer/Editor
Agarpac Gallery Curator

Special Thanks

  • Ragey - Acquiring and providing sourcebooks and merchandise.
  • Sailor Bomber - Image archiving and various information contributions.
  • ShaolinTurtle - Various image and information contributions.
  • herrDoktorat - Various information contributions.
  • Evi - Various information contributions.
  • The Bomberman community in general, for support, fact-checking, proofreading, and other help.

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