Anubis Bomber

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Anubis Bomber

Anubis Bomber.png

Gender: Female
Game(s): Super Bomberman R
Character Type: Attack Type
Sbr gem.png 10

Alternate artwork from the Super Bomberman R Official Website.

Anubis Bomber (アヌビスボンバー, anubisu bonbā)[1] is a playable character who appears in Super Bomberman R. She was added in update 2.0 on November 15, 2017.[2]


The most powerful Orbital Frame Bomberman in existence, said to possess capabilities far beyond those of the models that preceded her.

Like her twin sister, Jehuty Bomber, she was born on a space colony that orbits one of Jupiter's moons, and raised on Planet Anubis. She has been fitted with an artificial intelligence unit called "DELPHI," but doesn't really talk much.

~ Super Bomberman R Official Website[2]

In the introductory cinematic for Grand Prix mode, Anubis Bomber arrives on Planet Bomber alongside Pyramid Head Bomber and Dracula Bomber to judge the strength of the planet's representative competitors, the Bomberman Brothers. She attacks Red and Aqua before being stopped by Vic Viper Bomber, Simon Belmont Bomber, and Jehuty Bomber.

Special Ability

Anubis Bomber's special ability is Zero Shift β (ゼロシフトβ, zero shifuto β). When she is facing another character in a line, and the other character is within eight squares of her, a press of the button will instantly swap the two characters' positions. Any obstacles between the two characters are disregarded. This ability does not work on enemy characters. There is a ten second cooldown period before Anubis Bomber can use Zero Shift β again.

Promotional artwork released on September 21, 2017 on the @officialbomberman Facebook page.


  • Anubis is a character from the Zone of the Enders video game franchise created by Konami.
  • While the English Super Bomberman R Official Website refers to Anubis as female, she is portrayed with a masculine voice in both the Japanese and English dubs. In the original Japanese text, Anubis is genderless.


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