Judge Gwinbee

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Judge Gwinbee

Gwinbee Judgement.jpg

Game: Super Bomberman R
Pilot: Plasma Bomber
HP: 6 (Beginner)
8 (Veteran/Expert)
HP to K.O.: 2
HP to Enrage: 3 (Beginner)
4 (Veteran/Expert)

Judge Gwinbee (グインビー・ジャジメント, gwinbī jajimento, Gwinbee Judgement) is the boss of World 5, Planet Scrapheap, in Super Bomberman R.


There are three destinations for Judge Gwinbee, positioned at the center of each of the three large rectangular areas in a triangular pattern. The boss flies between these three positions, stopping on location to execute an attack. It never moves outside of this triangular pattern.


Judge Gwinbee has five attacks, which are issued at random.


Judge Gwinbee punches twice, creating a half-circle area of effect. This attack detonates bombs on contact. If the player is standing close to the boss when it reaches a destination point, it is more likely to execute this attack.

Triple Gatling

Concept art of Gwinbee Judgement.

Turning from left to right, Judge Gwinbee fires a machine gun in three sequential lines across the map.

Gatling Sweep

Turning to the right, Judge Gwinbee fires a machine gun spread while rotating back to the center. The range reaches to about the center of the arena.

Homing Attack

Judge Gwinbee spawns 2.5x2.5 unit circle targets in succession directly over the player character. Each target explodes after a moment. Bombs caught in the middle are eliminated without detonation. The number of targets spawned varies by difficulty:

  • Beginner: 4 targets
  • Veteran: 8 targets
  • Expert: 10 targets

Beam Attack

Rising up and turning to face the player character, Judge Gwinbee emits a massive beam attack from its chest.

Weak Point

Judge Gwinbee's weak points are its two fists. These are only vulnerable during its melee attack. Regardless of which fist is hit, both will take damage. After two hits, the boss will fall to the ground, at which point its entire body becomes vulnerable.

After taking enough real damage, Judge Gwinbee will enter an enraged state, increasing its movement and rate of attack.


The boss' name and likeness are derived from GwinBee, a character from Konami's TwinBee video game series.