Iron Gauss

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Iron Gauss

Iron Gauss.jpg

Game: Super Bomberman R
Pilot: Magnet Bomber
HP: 4 (Beginner)
6 (Veteran/Expert)
HP to K.O.: 6 (Each leg)
HP to Enrage: 2

Iron Gauss (アイアンガウス, aian gausu) is the boss of World 1, Planet Technopolis, in Super Bomberman R.


Iron Gauss appears in an open 20x12 square arena. It remains in the upper half of the map and can only walk to the left and right. Periodically, it stops moving to either issue an attack or, less commonly, to pause. When Iron Gauss prepares to attack, it first rotates its body toward the left or right side of the screen, in an attempt to face a player character. After the attack is over, it must rotate to face south before it may resume movement. Movement speed increases at greater difficulty settings.

The body of the boss can cause collision damage to players, and any bombs it touches will be eliminated without detonation.


Iron Gauss has two attacks, which are issued at random.

Claw Swipe

The boss raises its larger claw up to its face, then swings it in a half circle in its facing direction. This attack eliminates characters and destroys bombs without detonation.

Claw Pound

Concept art of Iron Gauss.

The boss raises its smaller claw above its body, then slams it down to the ground in front of it. This attack eliminates characters and destroys bombs without detonation.

Weak Point

Iron Gauss' weak points are its six legs. Each individual leg can take damage from a bomb blast. When all six legs are damaged, the boss falls, and is knocked out for a while. During this time, its entire body is vulnerable to blasts.

After taking two hits of real damage, Iron Gauss will enter an enraged state, increasing its speed and rate of attack.


  • The "gauss" is the scientific unit of magnetic induction.
  • Iron Gauss' body, including its six legs and one larger, longer claw, resembles that of a fiddler crab.
  • Magnet Bomber's original boss form from Super Bomberman 2, Iron Gigue, was also only capable of moving to the left and right at the top of the screen.