Marbled Ballom

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Marbled Ballom

Marbled Ballom.jpg

Game: Super Bomberman R
HP: 4 (Beginner)
5 (Veteran)
6 (Expert)
HP to K.O.: 4 (Beginner)
6 (Veteran, Expert)
HP to Enrage: 2

Marbled Ballom (バロム・マーブリング, baromu māburingu, Marbling Ballom) is the boss of World 7, Planet Bomber, in Super Bomberman R. It was created when the restless Balloms in Smuggler's warehouse absorbed one another.


Marbled Ballom is restricted to a 7x7 square space in the middle of the map, which is designated by a yellow outline on the floor. It moves in a general circular pattern around the interior of this space throughout the battle. The boss causes harm on collision. Movement speed becomes greater on higher difficulty settings.


Marbled Ballom periodically pauses movement and issues one of the following attacks:

Body Slam

The boss jumps into the air and slams the ground with its body, creating a roughly 11x11 circular effect. Any character in this area will be eliminated. Any bomb planted in this area will be removed from the field without detonation. This attack may also be triggered when a player character or a bomb is near the boss.

Spread Shot

Marbled Ballom will spit out four Devil Balloms in a spread shot toward a player character. Each Ballom explodes in a dangerous 2x2 circle upon hitting the ground.

Homing Attack

The boss spits Ribbon Balloms up and out of the screen. Then, individual Ribbon Balloms fall directly over the player character in succession, creating a dangerous 4x4 circular explosion on impact with the ground. The rate of falling is greater on higher difficulty settings. The number of Balloms emitted also varies:

  • Beginner: 3
  • Veteran: 4, or 5 when enraged
  • Expert: 7, or 8 when enraged


If the boss is hit by a blast while performing an attack, the attack will not be fully executed. This can result in a completely prevented attack or a partial attack (for example, only firing one or two Ribbon Balloms). However, if the boss has already fired off the Ribbon Ballom attack, the remaining projectiles will continue to rain down.

Each time the Marbled Ballom is hit by a blast, it emits four orange Balloms, which fall in a semi-circle away from its facing direction. Each Ballom lands with a 1x1 square explosion. When the boss is hit enough times to knock it out, it will emit ten of these Balloms in random directions around its body. A large stream of Ribbon and Plain (orange) Balloms are shot out of the top of the screen at this time. These are not dangerous.

Weak Point

After being knocked out, the clip at the top of the boss falls off, its body deflates, and a small Ballom wearing a crown, known as the Core Ballom (バロム・コア, baromu koa)? From the "Pet Ballom 1" accessory set, Japanese text emerges. The Core Ballom is the weak point, and must be blasted to deplete the boss' hit points. It quickly moves in a circle around the larger body, passing through any obstacles in the way. Both the Core Ballom and the large body can cause damage to characters on impact. After some time, the Core Ballom will re-enter the body, and the boss will regain its shape and resume its normal pattern.

After taking two hits of real damage, Marbled Ballom will enter an enraged state, increasing its speed and rate of attack.