Elegant Dream

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Elegant Dream

Elegant Dream.jpg

Game: Super Bomberman R
Pilot: Karaoke Bomber
HP: 6 (Beginner)
8 (Veteran)
10 (Expert)
HP to K.O.: 1 per wing/tail (5 total)
HP to Enrage: 2 (Beginner)
4 (Veteran)
5 (Expert)

Elegant Dream (エレガントドリーム, ereganto dorīmu) is the boss of World 4, Planet Lalaland, in Super Bomberman R.


Elegant Dream floats in random lines around the arena. Its body and wings cause collision damage and will eliminate bombs without detonation on touch. Because of this, its collision range vastly increases when it is on the ground, particularly when it is knocked out.

The battle takes place in an open 27x27 square arena. Ice covers a large proportion of the floor, dividing it into four 3x3 square areas in the corners and four larger areas in the four cardinal directions. The ice only affects the player character's movement.


Elegant Dream has four attacks, which are issued at random.

Sound Square

Elegant Dream's four wings land at the four corners of the center square of ice. The positions at which they land are randomized, so that one wing will not always land at the same position. The entire square is pummeled with sound waves. Any bombs within range are eliminated without detonation. All wings are vulnerable during this time.

Sound Wave

Concept art of Elegant Dream.

Elegant Dream's wings form a pinwheel in front of its body and spin around. It issues a wide wave forward, extending beyond the map boundaries. As wings quickly pass by the ground, they are momentarily vulnerable.

Sound Shield

Elegant Dream's wings form a square around its own body. It opens up to reveal an array of speakers, which pump out a sphere of sound around itself. Bombs hit by the barrier are detonated, but the blasts of bombs kicked into the field can be condensed, rendering them ineffective. All four wings are vulnerable during this attack.

Scattered Blasts

Elegant Dream spawns 2.5x2.5 unit circle targets in succession at random all across the field. Each target explodes after a moment. Bombs caught in the middle are eliminated without detonation. The number of targets spawned varies by difficulty:

  • Beginner: 4 single targets
  • Veteran: 8 single targets
  • Expert: 12 pairs of targets, 24 total hits

Weak Point

Elegant Dream's weak points are its four wings and its tail. The tail is vulnerable at all times, but the wings are only vulnerable when they are close to the ground, which happens during any attack save for the scattered blasts attack. When all five weak points have been hit once, the boss will be knocked out for a short time, during which point its body is vulnerable.

After taking enough real damage, Elegant Dream will enter an enraged state, increasing its movement and rate of attack.


The lines Karaoke Bomber sings during her sound wave attack come from the ending credits song "HERO". The song unique to this battle also resembles the ending theme. The actress who plays the character in the Japanese dub, Hitomi Harada, is the singer of HERO.