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Hit Points: Normal: 1
Quest: 3
Speed: Normal
Pattern: Feigned Ignorance
Score: 100
Debut: Bomb Man

Ballom (バロム, baromu) is the oldest enemy character in the Bomberman franchise.[1][2] It first appeared as the only type of enemy character in the original Bomb Man, in which it was unnamed. It is a balloon-like monster. It appears commonly as the first enemy to be encountered, and always has the simplest pattern.


In Bomber Man, Ballom moves in half-tile increments. Its facial expression and body colour (red or pink) alternate as it changes tactics, moving erratically and sometimes becoming aggressive. It can pass over bombs.

In Bomberman for the NES, Ballom randomly changes directions, and yields a static 100 points on destruction.

In Bomberman for the PCE and most later Bomberman games, Ballom moves slowly, turning only when it collides with a solid obstacle.

In Bomberman Quest, Ballom moves slowly, approaching nearby bombs. It drops a Fire Up when defeated.[3]


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