Bomberman Online (Dreamcast)

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Bomberman Online

Bomberman Online cover.jpg

Developer(s): Hudson Soft
Publisher(s): SEGA (U.S.)
Platform(s): Dreamcast
Release date(s): October 30, 2001
Genre(s): Action, maze, strategy
Mode(s): Single player, multiplayer

Bomberman Online is a video game developed by Hudson Soft for the Dreamcast. It is the first Bomberman game to feature online multiplayer capabilities.

Normal Game


There is a small island on the southern sea of the planet Bomber, called "Quintet Island." Once every four years, a large-scaled Bomber Battle Festival is held on this island.

They call it the "BOMB-A-LYMPICS."

The Champion of the planet is decided for each of five Bomber Events, and the winner is given a Sacred Gold Medal.

...Deep inside the forest of the island, you see a sight of Bomberman training hard under the waterfall.

To prepare himself for the new battle...

"When one gains all Sacred Gold Medals, a way to Master Bomberman shall open."

Believing in the ancient legend of the island, Bomberman challenges 5 Champion Teams all by himself..."[1]


There are five stages in the Normal Game. Each stage contains four three areas, including a stage boss. The game plays out like the Battle Game, with each stage being assigned a different rule. Stages may be completed in any order.[1]

Battle Game

2-4 players may compete locally, or 2-8 players may compete online in a Net Battle. Up to four controllers plugged into one Dreamcast may compete in a Net Battle together so long as each controller is equipped with a memory card containing Bomberman Online save data. Players may compete in a Single Match or Team Match.[1]


In this game, one of five different battle rules may be chosen.[1]

  • Survival Rule - Characters are eliminated with bomb blasts. The player or team who is left standing is the winner.
  • Hyper Bomber Rule - Target Panels are hidden in the soft blocks. When a player character collects three Target Panels and touches the Center Gate, the field will explode, eliminating all other characters and ending the match. If characters are eliminated by bomb blasts, they will respawn at their starting positions, but their items will be scattered.
  • Submarine Rule - This rule may only be played in a Team Match. The battle stage is divided into two halves. When a set bomb is about to detonate, it will transfer to the corresponding square on the opposite half of the stage. The team who is left standing is the winner.
  • Panel Paint Rule - When a bomb detonates, every square its blast reaches will become the colour assigned to the player who planted it. If a player character is eliminated, they will respawn at their starting position, but all of their panels will return to a null colour. The player or team with the most painted panels by the end of the match is the winner.
  • Ring Match Rule - When a bomb is planted, every square its blast will reach becomes illuminated in red, to indicate danger zones. When a character is hit by a blast, they are knocked out of the stage and lose 1 point, while the player who blasted them gains 2 points. The character then respawns at their starting position. The player or team with the most points by the end of the match is the winner.


  • Computer - Select Weak, Normal, or Strong difficulty settings for computer-controlled characters.
  • Games Per Match - How many victories it takes to win a match. 1-5.
  • Times Up! - How long a match can last. 1-5 minutes.
  • Level - Select Beginner, Normal, or Advanced to change the difficulty of the battle stage layouts.
  • Sudden Death - Select how Pressure Blocks will fall at the end of the battle in a Survival Rule match:
    • OFF - Pressure Blocks will fall on the outer two borders.
    • ON - Pressure Blocks will cover the field.
    • Random - Pressure Blocks will cover the field randomly.
  • Random Position - Choose whether player character starting positions are randomized.
  • Skull Bomb - Customize how Skull Panels work:
    • OFF - Skull Panels disappear when blasted. Skull effects last a finite amount of time.
    • ON - Skull Panels do not burn when blasted. Skull effects last indefinitely unless another item is collected or the effect is passed to another character.
  • Mini Game - Whether or not Bomber Karate will be played at the end of the match.
  • Miso Bomb - Choose settings for revenge play in a Survival or Submarine Rule match:
    • OFF - Players do not return after being eliminated.
    • ON - Players return as Miso Bombs after being eliminated.
    • Super - Players return as Miso Bombs and may switch places with a character if their bomb eliminates them.

Battle Stages

List of Battle Stages in Bomberman Online


  • Fire
  • Bomb
  • Speed
  • Kick
  • Power Glove
  • Punch
  • Line Bomb
  • Bouncing Bomb
  • Geta? Not listed in the instruction booklet.
  • Skull
    • Sprint Sickness - Maximum speed.
    • Sluggish Sickness - Minimum speed.
    • Diarrhea - Always plants bombs.
    • Paralysis - Cannot plant bombs.
    • Minimal Sickness - Firepower becomes 1.
    • Can't Stop Sickness - Character always walks forward.
    • Reverse Sickness - Movement controls are reversed.
    • Short Fuse Sickness - Bomb fuses become short.
    • Long Fuse Sickness - Bomb fuses become long.

Extras Box

The list of Collection Panels at the onset of the game.

In the Normal Game and in Net Battles, players may collect Collection Panels. These panels may be viewed in the Extras Box menu. Each Collection Panel, when acquired, also unlocks various custom parts: Head, Eyes, Body, and Legs. In this menu, the player may also use these parts to design a custom character, and then name the character. Custom characters may only be used in Net Battles.[1]


  • Screen Adjust - Adjust the screen's position.
  • Control Button Setting - Buttons may be customized for every controller plugged into the console.
  • Jump Pack Setting - The Jump Pack (Vibration Pack) may be enabled or disabled.
  • Audio - Stereo or Monaural.
  • Sound Test - All music (BGM) and sound effects (SE) may be played on this menu.


Although Bomberman Online was only released in the United States, the "Credits" page in the instruction booklet states:

"The following credits list the staff responsible for the localization, marketing and manual development for the U.S. version of Bomberman Online. Credits for the original development staff of the game are listed in the credits of the game itself."[1]

The development history of the game is currently unknown.


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