Bomberman II

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Bomberman II

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Japanese cover art
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U.S. cover art

Developer(s): Hudson Soft
Publisher(s): Hudson Soft
Platform(s): Famicom/NES
Release date(s): JP: June 28, 1991
NA: February 1993
Genre(s): Action, maze, strategy
Mode(s): Single player

Bomberman II (ボンバーマンII Bonbāman II) is a video game developed by Hudson Soft. It is the second and final Bomberman game to be released on the Famicom/NES.



Japanese manual:


Japanese manual (English translation):

White Bomberman was a diligent young man working in a mine. However, as a result of a plot by his rival Black Bomberman, he was arrested and put in prison. In order to prove his innocence, White Bomber tries to escape by using bombs.[1]


At the end of the game, White Bomberman successfully returns to the city and confronts Black Bomberman, forcing him to surrender.


This is a traditional maze-style Bomberman game. Both single-screen and scrolling-screen stages are present. Stages of larger sizes are two screens wide. A single power-up is hidden within a soft block in each stage.

Bomberman's goal in each stage is to destroy all enemy characters and reveal the exit, which is hidden beneath a soft block. If the exit is hit with an explosion, it will release more enemy characters. Every group of eight stages takes place in a different environment.

Progress in the game can be resumed using the password system. Passwords may contain characters 1-8 and B-K. excluding vowels. Passwords are eight characters long.


There are 6 areas in the game. Each area contains 8 stages. There are a total of 48 stages in the game.

Enemy Characters

The following enemy characters appear in this game:[1]


The following power-ups can be found in the game:[1]

VS Mode & Battle Mode

In the VS Mode, two players may compete against each other. The player who wins the best out of five matches is the victor. In the Battle Mode, 3 players compete, and 1-5 matches can be set. Both modes are otherwise identical. There is only one stage, reminiscent of the layout of the original Bomberman. Player 1 plays as White Bomberman, player 2 plays as Red Bomberman, and player 3 plays as Blue Bomberman. The time limit is set at 300 seconds.

Each player begins the match with two bombs and three firepower. Bomb Stock Up and Firepower Up power-ups can be found scattered throughout the stage. Unlike later games, player 3 starts each match in the center of the stage.


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