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Bomberman GB
(Wario Blast: Featuring Bomberman!)

GB cover.jpg

Japanese cover art
Wario Blast cover.jpg

U.S. cover art

Developer(s): Hudson Soft
Publisher(s): JP: Hudson Soft
NA: Nintendo
Platform(s): Game Boy
Release date(s): JP: August 10, 1994
NA: November 1994
EU: June 29, 1995
Genre(s): Action, maze, strategy
Mode(s): Single player, multiplayer

Bomberman GB (ボンバーマンGB BonbāmanGB) is a video game developed by Hudson Soft. It is the firstBomberman game to be released on the Game Boy.



Japanese manual:


Japanese manual (English translation):

To keep the peace, Bomberman got on his Moto-Bomber and went on patrol today. However, today, Black Bomberman stole away his 5 techniques, such as the Bomb Kick and Super Bike Moto-Bomber. To recover the stolen techniques, Bomberman must fight![1]

U.S. manual:

Wario, in his constant search for new lands to conquer and treasures to gain, has found the extra-dimensional portal that links his world with the one that Bomberman inhabits. Thinking that the Madbombers will make a nice addition to his legions of mindless minions (as wel as a new source of funds for his nefarious schemes), Wario steps through the gate... and soon finds that the Madbombers are not quite the dim-witted flunkies he originally thought them to be![2]

Normal Mode

The first stage of the game.

The Normal Mode pits the player against a number of Black Bombermen in a traditional Battle Game setup. There are eight rounds, and each round is split up into four stages. The first stage of each round has one Black Bomberman, and another enemy is added with each successive stage. Each stage begins with a timer of 100; each "second" lasts approximately two real-world seconds. The player must win two out of three matches in each stage to progress. If the player gets a game over, they may resume from the beginning of the stage. In the fourth stage of each round, the three Black Bombermen combine to form a big boss. For rounds 1-5, defeating the boss yields a Special Item that remains with the player throughout the rest of the game.[1]

List of Rounds in Bomberman GB

Common Items

The following items can be found in both the Story Mode and Battle Mode:[1]

Special Items

The following items are granted at the end of each area in the Normal Mode:[1]

Battle Mode

In the Battle Mode, 2-4 players may compete if the game is played on a Super Nintendo using the Super Game Boy cartridge. There are no AI opponents in this mode, so at least two human players must be present. If the Technique option is turned on, all players will begin each match with all Special Items except for the Moto-Bomber. Each match begins with a timer of 100; each "second" lasts approximately two real-world seconds. The first player to win three matches wins the game.

There are eight selectable stages in the Battle Mode.


The western release of this game was rebranded as Wario Blast: Featuring Bomberman! In this version, the player is given the option to choose to play as Bomberman or Wario when beginning the Normal Mode. When playing as Wario, the player faces enemy Bombermen, and vice versa. New cinematic graphics were added for the Wario playthrough, and passwords for this run are simply the original game's passwords reversed. The opening cinematic of the game has been removed. Finally, in the Battle Mode, player 1 plays as Wario instead of Bomberman.


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