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The Bomber Karate minigame.

Bomber Karate is the minigame that appears in Bomberman Online for the Dreamcast. It may only be enabled during a Single Match,[1] for any rule save for Submarine Rule. When enabled, the winning player will be allowed to participate in the minigame.

A stack of eight bricks is presented before the player. In the lower-right corner of the screen, a gauge appears. Depending on how hard the player presses the R shoulder button on their controller, the gauge will be filled to a specific degree. While holding the R button in this manner, the player may then press the A button.[1] The player's Bomberman will then leap into the air and karate chop into the stack of bricks. The strength of the gauge determines how many bricks will be broken before the chop stops. The first unbroken brick on the top of the stack (or the base board) indicates which item the player has won. The won item will be applied for the next round.

The stack of items always contains one Geta on the top and one Geta on the bottom, but the six items in between are placed in a random order, which is indicated on the left side of the screen. The available items are as follows:



The instruction booklet states that Bomber Karate may only be enabled for the Survival Rule, but this is not true.


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