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Bomberman GB 3

GB3 cover.jpg

Developer(s): Hudson Soft
Publisher(s): Hudson Soft
Platform(s): Game Boy
Release date(s): December 12, 1996
3DS: July 11, 2012
Genre(s): Action, maze, strategy
Mode(s): Single player

Bomberman GB 3 (ボンバーマンGB3 BonbāmanGB3) is a video game developed by Hudson Soft. It is the third unique Bomberman game to be released on the Game Boy and the fourth game after Bomberman Collection.




か封印から復活。手下とともに、惑星全土を征服せんと暴れ回って いるのだ。頼りのボンバーマンも、技エネルギーの源・ボンバーカプ セルをテビルボンバーにすべて奪われ、手酷い傷を負わされてし まった・・・。それでも最後の力をふりしぼり、ボンバーマンはひとり、デ


English translation:

The 11th planet of Bomber Nebula is in danger!! Due to a change in the planet's crust, Devil Bomber was released from his seal. Together with his subordinates, he conquered the whole planet in a rampage. Devil Bomber stole all of the Bomber Capsules, the energy source that Bomberman relies on, severely injuring him... Nevertheless, Bomberman alone musters his strength, and challenges Devil Bomber.[1]

Story Mode

Devil Bomber steals the Bomber Capsules.

This is a traditional maze-style Bomberman game. Each stage is divided into six rounds. Each round involves one or two large, scrolling maps. As Bomberman, the player must complete the round mission to unlock the Exit and progress to the next stage. The fifth round of each area allows Bomberman to collect Crystals; if he collects enough Crystals, he can unlock a 1UP as well as two Bell Panels which summon Bomber Balls that will aid him against the stage boss. The sixth round of each area is a boss battle.

Progress in the game can be resumed using the password system. Passwords are seven numbers and characters long. Each password resumes the Story Mode at the beginning of a round within a stage.[1]


The overground area at the onset of the game.

The game is divided into three areas with 7 stages altogether. The player may select any stage within the current area. Once all stages within an area are cleared, the next area beneath the surface of Owan will open up.[1]


The following items can be found:[1]

Item Clearing House

The Item Clearing House.

After defeating a boss, Bomberman will acquire Bomber Capsules. After each stage, he will enter the Item Clearing House (アイテム特殊). Here, he can exchange Bomber Capsules with Honey for special items. These items remain with him for the rest of the game.[1]


The Moto-Bomber select screen.

If Bomberman owns a Moto-Bomber, before each screen in each round, the Moto-Bomber select screen will appear. Here, the creator of the Moto-Bombers, Cutie Bomber, will allow Bomberman to choose which vehicle to use in the next screen. If a Moto-Bomber is destroyed, it will not be able to be used until the next round. If all Moto-Bombers have been destroyed, Kotetsu will appear to inform Bomberman that there are none left.[1]

Challenge Mode

In the Challenge Mode, the player may select one of two stages and a 2 or 5 minute time limit. After that, one of three Bomberman types may be selected before the game begins. The player's score increases by defeating enemies and collecting items. Depending on the stage, time limit, and score, a certification result will be awarded.[1]

Bomberman Types

GB3 ChallengeA.png GB3 BombKick.png GB3 Dash.png GB3 LineBomb.png
GB3 ChallengeB.png GB3 MotoBomber3.png GB3 Dash.png
GB3 ChallengeC.png GB3 MotoBomber4.png

Certification Reference

Harahara 2 min Harahara 5 min Dokidoki 2 min Dokidoki 5 min
Professional Bomber >9,000 points >18,000 points >14,000 points >25,000 points
Average Bomber >4,000 points >8,000 points >7,000 points >8,000 points
Bad Bomber >1,500 points >3,000 points >3,000 points >3,500 points
UselessBomber <1,500 points <3,000 points <3,000 points <3,500 points


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