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This article is about the original character from Bomberman Online. For the derivative Bomberman Jetters character, see Mermaid Bomber.

Bomber Mermaid

Bomber Mermaid.png

Gender: Female
Game(s): Bomberman Online

Bomber Mermaid is a boss character who appears in Bomberman Online. She is the leader of the Princess Mariners Champion Team and the Stage Boss of the Submarine Rule stage, Submarine Patrol base. When she is defeated, Bomberman gains the Sacred Gold Medal for her stage.[1]


Bomber Mermaid is faced in a 1 point Submarine Rule match. She must be defeated in by bombs placed on her side of the field to clear the stage.[1]



Bomber Mermaid leaps into the air and detonates all bombs on Bomberman's side of the stage. The floor on Bomberman's side will flash to signify this ability. While casting this ability, Bomber Mermaid is invulnerable.


Bomber Mermaid dives underwater and a number of bombs spawn on her side of the stage. Rapids also spawn in a preset pattern. The bombs move along the rapids before being transported to Bomberman's side of the field as per the Submarine Rule. While the positioning of the bombs themselves are random, the preset patterns are as follows:


Bomber Mermaid inspired the design for the Bomberman Jetters character, Mermaid Bomber.


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