Thunder Bomber (Bomberman Online)

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This article is about the original character from Bomberman Online. For the derivative Bomberman Jetters character, see Thunder Bomber (Bomberman Jetters).

Thunder Bomber

Thunder Bomber Dreamcast.png

Gender: Male
Game(s): Bomberman Online

Thunder Bomber is a boss character who appears in Bomberman Online. He is the leader of the Electric Dragons Champion Team and the Stage Boss of the Survival Rule stage, Thunder Volt Power Plant. When he is defeated, Bomberman gains the Sacred Gold Medal for his stage.[1]


Thunder Bomber is faced in a 1 point Survival Rule match. He must be defeated in normal combat to clear the stage.[1]


Line Bomb

Thunder Bomber has the ability to perform a Line Bomb attack. No matter how many Bomb panels he has, he will always place up to four bombs in front of him. The bombs do retain his current firepower. This ability is used very sparingly.

Bouncing Bombs

Thunder Bomber raises a barrier around himself and launches four Bouncing Bombs, one in each direction. Shortly thereafter, he leaps to a random empty square on the map. During this entire process, he is invulnerable. Each Bouncing Bomb retains his current firepower. This ability is typically triggered when Bomberman is near him or when Bomberman has placed bombs near him.


Thunder Bomber inspired the design for the Bomberman Jetters character of the same name.


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