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Pocket Bomberman

Pocket Cover.jpg

Japanese cover art
Pocket Cover US.jpg

U.S. cover art

Developer(s): Hudson Soft
Publisher(s): JP: Hudson Soft
NA/EU: Nintendo
Platform(s): JP: Game Boy
NA/EU: Game Boy_Color
Release date(s): JP: December 12, 1997
NA/EU: 1998
Genre(s): Action, platformer
Mode(s): Single player

Pocket Bomberman (ポケットボンバーマン Poketto Bonbāman), is a video game developed by Hudson Soft. It is the first platformer game in the Bomberman series and the only 2D platformer.



Japanese manual:

世界が閉ざされ、光を取り戻してくれる「勇者」の誕生が待たれていた時代に、一人の戦士が旅立っていった。戦士の名はボンバーマン。彼は手に入れた者に「勇者」の称号が与えられるという「太陽の剣」を手に入れるために、ひとり悪魔の山へと向かったのだった。言い伝えでは「太陽の剣」は5つの「パワーストーン」が集まった時、その封印が解けるとされているが、その「パワーストーン」は、悪魔の山の5つの世界の支配者がそれぞれ守っているのだ。 ボンバーマンは「太陽の剣」を手に入れ、「勇者」の称号を得るために悪魔の山へと挑む‼[1]

U.S. manual:

Long, long ago, the sun was shrouded by a dark and sinister cloud. Within seconds, darkness spread across the land. No longer could the sun reach the hills and valleys of the beautiful landscape.

An old legend told that the cause for the appearance of the cloud was a huge monster. That ugly creature laid a curse upon the legendary "Sword of the Sun" and sealed its power.

Now you are the only hope for the empire. Climb the "Evil Mountain" and collect the five "Power Stones" to break the curse of the sword.

Each stone is guarded by a cruel monster which you must defeat in an intensive battle. Start your quest with only your wits plus a few bombs to protect you, and bring back the sunlight to your country.[2]

Normal Game

Unlike other installments in the franchise, Pocket Bomberman is a 2D platformer. Bomberman must run and jump to make his way through each map. He is able to place bombs on tile spaces as per usual, and bombs explode in a cross shape, but bombs placed in the air will remain in their positions and can be used as platforms.

Each world is divided into five areas. The goal of each area is to defeat all enemies. Once the last enemy has been defeated, the exit will open, which Bomberman can take to clear the area. A counter at the bottom of the screen shows the number of enemies left in the area. Each area has a time limit of four minutes. If Bomberman is hit by an enemy, trap, or blast, and loses all health, or if the time remaining reaches zero, he will lose a life.

The fifth area in each world is a boss battle. Defeating the boss clears the world and grants Bomberman a Power Stone. There are five worlds in the game.

Progress in the game can be resumed using the password system. Passwords are four numbers long. Each password resumes the Normal Game at the beginning of a world.[2]



The following items can be found in both the game:[1]

Jump Game

In the Jump Game, Bomberman is forced to jump continuously. The level scrolls vertically, and the player must make it up to the top of the level while trying to break the high score. [2] Unique enemies and bosses appear in this mode.

There are three difficulty settings for the Jump Game: Easy, Normal, and Hard. Each setting takes place in its own preset map, which is broken into chambers. A special boss character, unique to each difficulty setting, appears at the top of each chamber, and must be defeated in order to open the door to the next chamber. The bosses are Bomber Wolf, Bomber Mummy, and Bombpire, respectively.[2]


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