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Aladdin Bomber

Aladdin Bomber.png

Gender: Male
Game(s): Bomberman Online

Aladdin Bomber is a boss character who appears in Bomberman Online. He is the leader of the Storm Giants Champion Team and the Stage Boss of the Ring Match Rule stage, Tower of Wind. When he is defeated, Bomberman gains the Sacred Gold Medal for his stage.[1]


Aladdin Bomber is faced in a 1 point Ring Match Rule match. Points are lost when Bomberman is hit by a bomb blast, and gained when Aladdin Bomber's lamp is hit by a bomb blast.[1] The boss cycles through three patterns.

Pattern 1

Aladdin Bomber rests while his lamp moves around on the map. The lamp dodges Bomberman's bombs, but cannot place any bombs on its own. The lamp serves as Aladdin Bomber's vulnerable point, and he will lose a point each time the lamp is hit. This is the only time when the boss is vulnerable to attacks. After a period of time, the lamp will vanish from the stage, and he will enter his second pattern.

Pattern 2

Aladdin Bomber continuously fires bombs from the cannons on his shoulders. Ten bombs fall to the stage in two sets of five bombs. Bomberman must find a safe square to stand upon before all of the bombs detonate. Up to three waves of ten bombs apiece may be issued before this pattern ends. Afterward, Aladdin Bomber will either resume his first pattern (the lamp will reappear), or he will enter his optional third pattern.

Here are some of the possible bomb arrangements of this attack:

Pattern 3

Another wave of bombs lands on the map, then Aladdin Bomber tilts the stage to the right while waving one of his leaves. This causes all of the bombs to slowly slide to the right side of the stage. Only one single wave of bombs is ever issued during this pattern, and the number of bombs dropped depends on the arrangement. After the bombs explode, the boss tilts the stage back into a level position, the lamp reappears, and the first pattern resumes.

Here are some of the possible bomb arrangements of this attack:


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