Bomber Brothers

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Bomber Brothers

Bomber Brothers.png

Gender: Male
Game(s): Bomberman Online

The Bomber Brothers are boss characters who appear in Bomberman Online. They are the leaders of the Red Phoenix Champion Team and the Stage Bosses of the Hyper Bomber Rule stage, Volcanic Training School. When they are defeated, Bomberman gains the Sacred Gold Medal for his stage.[1]


The Bomber Brothers are faced in a 1 point Panel Paint Rule match. Unlike in previous stages, there are only three Target Panels in this stage. Bomberman must obtain all three Target Panels and enter the Center Gate to win.[1]

The individual names of the Bomber Brothers are unknown. For clarity, they will be designated in this article as "Bomber Brother 1" and "Bomber Brother 2", given the numeration on their helmets.


Both Bomber Brothers have the same stats.


When he lines up with Bomberman, Bomber Brother 2 can perform a straight-line dash attack in his direction. He does not stop until he collides with an obstacle. He can stun Bomberman on contact and scatter one of his items. If Bomberman moves out of the way before he begins dashing, he will cancel the dash.

Target Panel Toss

Every time Bomber Brother 2 collects a Target Panel, he will toss it to Bomber Brother 1, regardless of how far away the two characters are. Only Bomber Brother 1 can collect all three panels and enter the center gate.

Brother Toss

When both brothers make contact, Bomber Brother 2 can pick up Bomber Brother 1 and carry him around. After moving for a period of time, he will throw Bomber Brother 1 directly to the square Bomberman is currently occupying. The smaller brother will cause collision damage on impact with Bomberman. If he lands on a bomb, he will bounce to an adjacent square.


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