Bomber Gunrock

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Bomber Gunrock

Bomber Gunrock.png

Gender: Male
Game(s): Bomberman Online

Bomber Gunrock is a boss character who appears in Bomberman Online. He is the leader of the Iron Bulldozers Champion Team and the Stage Boss of the Panel Paint Rule stage, Diamond Canyon Excavation Point. When he is defeated, Bomberman gains the Sacred Gold Medal for his stage.[1]


Bomber Gunrock is faced in a 1 point Panel Paint Rule match. Bomberman must own the majority of the painted panels in the stage to win.[1]



Two smaller Bombers follow Bomber Gunrock at all times, the first staying two squares behind him, and the second staying two squares behind the first. Bomber Gunrock has the ability to place bombs at the position of himself or the two smaller Bombers. He can also place bombs at multiple positions simultaneously, up to three bombs at once.


Bomber Gunrock leaps and spins in the air. Upon landing, he detonates all bombs that have been placed on the field. He is invulnerable during this attack. After the bombs detonate, multiple Soft Blocks will fall from above. The Soft Blocks will stun any character they hit and detonate bombs they land upon.


Bomber Gunrock appears to have loosely inspired the design of the Bomberman Jetters character Grand Bomber.


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