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Tsugaru chibi.png

Gender: Female
Game(s): Bombergirl
Voice Actor: Rie Kugimiya (釘宮 理恵)
Character Type: Shooter

Tsugaru (ツガル) is an unlockable playable character in Bombergirl. She was teased in a series of tweets beginning on February 2, 2018,[1] before being ultimately revealed on February 7.[2] She was first playable during the location test at JAEPO 2018.[2]


Tsugaru is a Santa-type Bombergirl, an armament god princess produced by the Studio Roots company. As a sniper, long-distance attacks are her forte. The uniform Shiro gave her is her favourite present.[3]

"I'll snipe your heart!"
Hobby "Making Christmas ornaments and growing apples. Apples are great, aren't they?"
Likes "Children of the world who believe in Santa Claus. Ah! And mature clothes that make me look like a lady!!"
Dislikes "Blizzards and barking dogs. And dirty chimneys."
Brand 573 Factory (573ファクトリー 573 fakutorī),[4][3] a reference to the max stats for Tokimeki Memorial:Forever With You.

Basic Abilities

Tsugaru is a Shooter. She is a Bombergirl who is remarkably good at making long-distance attacks. She can deal damage at a range that other Shooters cannot reach, and fire a high-powered, ultra-long laser to wipe out enemies in places she can't even see.[3]

Medium x3 x6 x4


Default skills are always available, while additional skills must be obtained through the Bomber Gacha.[3]

Skill Details Screenshot
Tsugaru Skillcard1.png
Default Skill 1
Tsugaru Skillicon1.png Team Level: Lv.2 Tsugaru Skill1.png
Horn Sniper Rifle
ホーンスナイパーライフル? hōn sunaipā raifuru
Shoot at the enemy with a sniper rifle.
Tsugaru Skillcard2.png
Default Skill 2
Tsugaru Skillicon2.png Team Level: Lv.5 Tsugaru Skill2.png
Hyper-Electromagnetic Launcher
ハイパーエレクトロマグネティックランチャー? haipā erekutoro magunetikku ranchā
Fire an ultra-long-distance bombardment that explodes forward in a line. She cannot move for a moment due to the shock.
Tsugaru Skillcard3.png
Additional Skill 1
Tsugaru Skillicon3.png Team Level: Lv.3 Tsugaru Skill3.png
Apple Stun Cider
アップルスタンサイダー? appuru sutan saidā
Throw a bomb forward that creates a stun field.
Tsugaru Skillcard4.png
Additional Skill 2
Tsugaru Skillicon4.png Team Level: Lv.4 Tsugaru Skill4.png
Holy Night Mass
ホーリィナイト・ミサ? hōryi naito misa
Fire a succession of shots at the enemy with a sniper rifle.


  • Tsugaru is a character who originated in Konami's Beatmania IIDX rythym game series and later appeared in the Busou Shiniki action-figure-based franchise.[2] Her status as an "armament god princess" is the literal translation of Busou Shiniki, and her use of sniper rifles is derived from that franchise as well.
  • Tsugaru's Skills come from attacks that she used in her Busou Shiniki incarnation.[5]



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