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Olive chibi.png

Gender: Female
Game(s): Bombergirl
Voice Actor: Akari Kitō (鬼頭 明里)
Character Type: Shooter

Olive (オリーヴ orīvu) is an unlockable playable character in Bombergirl. She was first seen in a comic shown on December 11, 2020,[1] before being teased in a tweet on December 14,[2] finally being revealed in an exclusive video on December 21.[3] She was made playable during the Let's Meet with a Bang!! Olive Sortie Gacha event starting on December 24, 2020.


Olive is a street sweeper Bombergirl! But secretly, she is a member of Contra who cleans up threats to Earth! Her mission this time is to participate in the Bomber Battle and investigate to ensure there aren't any risk factors hidden within![4]

"I may look like this, but I keep the peace on Earth♪"
Hobby "Cleaning and restoring. I get super-excited over cleaning up dirty things♪"
Likes "Honestly, world peace? A world with no unhappy people would be invaluable♪"
Dislikes "It's not that I hate it, but I don't want vegetables in my yakiniku♪"
Birthday September 24
Brand Tactical Assault Force (TAF),[4] which focuses on military tactics.[5]

Basic Abilities

Olive is a Shooter. She is a Bombergirl who can shoot missiles that pursue the enemy for a time. While keeping the enemy in check from a distance, she can wrangle the enemy into a place where they cannot escape and deliver a powerful ranged attack![4]

Medium x3 x6 x3


Default skills are always available, while additional skills must be obtained through the Bomber Gacha.[4]

Skill Details Screenshot
Olive Skillcard1.png
Default Skill 1
Olive Skillicon1.png Team Level: Lv.2 Olive Skill1.png
Act Homing
アクトホーミング? akuto hōmingu
Fires a shot that pursues the enemy.
Olive Skillcard3.png
Default Skill 2
Olive Skillicon3.png Team Level: Lv.5 Olive Skill3.png
Act Fire
アクトファイアー? akuto faiā
Performs a continuous ranged attack in front of herself for a period of time.
Olive Skillcard2.png
Additional Skill 1
Olive Skillicon2.png Team Level: Lv.4 Olive Skill2.png
Act Spread
アクトスプレッド? akuto supureddo
Performs a forward radial attack. The damage dealt is greater at close range.


  • Olive's designed is based on Contra, a video game franchise produced by Konami.



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