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Halloween Town (ハロウィンタウン harouin taun) is a set of seasonal battle maps that appears in Bombergirl.[1] The primary trap is the Train. Ovapis, which can move through blocks, appear as Supporters in these maps. In each map, some enemy Supporters appear in ally territory at the onset of the game. (Note: The Supporter starting locations on the maps provided in this article are only estimates.)

Both maps were available from 10/25/2018 to 11/5/2018 as part of the Happy Ovapi Halloween Party! event.[1]

Map Key

Bombergirl mapkey charas.png Bombergirl mapkey respawns.png Bombergirl mapkey bases.png
Bombergirl mapkey towers.png Bombergirl mapkey gates.png Bombergirl mapkey arrows.png
Bombergirl mapkey Ovapi.png
Starting positions Respawn Points Bases Towers Gates Train rails Train crossing gates Supporters

Halloween Town 1

Halloweentown 1.png
Halloweentown 1 icon.png
Map Data[2]
Difficulty Gates Towers Traps Supporters
●●●○○ 5 1 Train Ovapi

Halloween Town 2

Halloweentown 2.png
Halloweentown 2 icon.png
Map Data[2]
Difficulty Gates Towers Traps Supporters
●●○○○ 4 1 Train Ovapi


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