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Oren chibi.png

Gender: Female
Game(s): Bombergirl
Voice Actor: Nakamura Sakura (中村 桜)
Character Type: Attacker

Oren (オレン) is one of four default playable characters in Bombergirl.


"Life is a battle!" That's the motto of the military Bombergirl Oren, a superwoman who loves fighting more than getting three meals a day! There's no reason she wouldn't join in on this competition full of strong girls![1]

"Alright, you'd all better grit your teeth!"
Hobby "Anything that gets my body moving, but swimming is the best."
Likes "War! War! Rivalry! Bouts! Conflict! Battle!"
Dislikes "'IT', is that what it's called? I don't understand PC's or the net or things like that."
Birthday April 14
Brand Oren's brand is the Tactical Assault Force (TAF), which focuses on military tactics.[2]

Basic Abilities

Oren is an Attacker. Her strength is in cutting deep into enemy lines. She has a Skill that allows her to jump over blocks, which can be used to find alternate routes to invade the enemy.[1]

Low x2 x3 x7


Default skills are always available, while additional skills must be obtained through the Bomber Gacha.[1]

Skill Details Screenshot
Oren Skillcard1.png
Default Skill 1
Oren Skillicon1.png Team Level: Lv.2 Oren Skill1.png
Dunk Blade
ダンクブレイド? danku bureido
Jump forward a little and deal damage to the surroundings.
Oren Skillcard2.png
Default Skill 2
Oren Skillicon2.png Team Level: Lv.4 Oren Skill2.png
Revol Slash
リヴォルスラッシュ? rivoru surasshu
Move forward without stopping and deal damage.
Oren Skillcard3.png
Additional Skill 1
Oren Skillicon3.png Team Level: Lv.1 Oren Skill3.png
Smash Blade
スマッシュブレード? sumasshu burēdo
Deal damage to enemies in front of her.
Oren Skillcard4.png
Additional Skill 2
Oren Skillicon4.png Team Level: Lv.3 Oren Skill4.png
ランチタイム? ranchitaimu
Restores a little of her HP.


  • The name "Oren" comes from "orenji" (オレンジ), meaning "orange".
  • The food Oren eats when using her Lunchtime skill is an onigiri, a kind of rice ball.
  • The Lunchtime ability was added to the game through the New Skill Initiation Gacha event.[3]



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