Shiori Fujisaki (Bombergirl)

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Shiori Fujisaki

Shiori chibi.png

Gender: Female
Game(s): Bombergirl
Voice Actor: Mami Kingetsu (金月 真美)
Character Type: Bomber
This article is about the Bombergirl character. For the Super Bomberman R character, please see Shiori Fujisaki Bomber.

Shiori Fujisaki (藤崎詩織 fujisaki shiori) is an unlockable playable character in Bombergirl.


Shiori Fujisaki of "Tokimeki Memorial" is a superheroine-type Bombergirl who has a sharp mind, excellent grades, and is athletic and attractive, piling up perfections upon perfections. Can you really become a master who meets her ideals!?[1]

"Nice to meet you, everyone. My name is Shiori Fujisaki."
Hobby "Listening to classical music and collecting hairbands."
Likes "I like spaghetti carbonara."
Dislikes "Nothing in particular."
Brand 573 Factory (573ファクトリー 573 fakutorī),[2] a reference to the max stats for Tokimeki Memorial:Forever With You.

Basic Abilities

Shiori Fujisaki is a Bomber-type Bombergirl. She has a bomb Skill that increases in power each time it's used. She's also able to make her allies invincible by confessing to them Under the Legendary Tree. Shiori is a good cooperative unit who can unite with allies and attack the enemy camp.[1]

High x5 x5 x5


Default skills are always available, while additional skills must be obtained through the Bomber Gacha.[1]

Skill Details Screenshot
Shiori Skillcard1.png
Default Skill 1
Shiori Skillicon1.png Team Level: Lv.2 Shiori Skill1.png
Popularity Bomb
好感度ボム? koukando bomu
Each time it is placed, Shiori's popularity rises. The greater her popularity, the more powerful the bomb is. If she is defeated, her popularity drops to 0.
Shiori Skillcard2.png
Default Skill 2
Shiori Skillicon2.png Team Level: Lv.5 Shiori Skill2.png
Under the Legendary Tree
伝説の樹の下で? densetsu no ki no shita de
Confess to 1 ally, making both her and her ally invincible for a while.
Shiori Skillcard3.png
Additional Skill 1
Shiori Skillicon3.png Team Level: Lv.4 Shiori Skill3.png
Bad Rumour
悪い噂? warui uwasa
Places multiple bombs randomly on the screen.
Shiori Skillcard4.png
Additional Skill 2
Shiori Skillicon4.png Team Level: Lv.2 Shiori Skill4.png
Popularity Penetration Bomb
好感度つらぬきボム? koukando tsuranuki bomu
The higher the popularity, the greater the explosion, and the blast pierces through blocks.



  • Shiori Fujisaki is the protagonist of Tokimeki Memorial, a dating sim developed by Konami.
  • Teaser pictures were posted on the official Bombergirl Twitter account from October 27, 2017 up to her unveiling on November 15.[3] She then became obtainable at the running location test.[4]
  • A figurine of Shiori Fujisaki was released.
  • The For Shiori, Popularity Penetration Bomb skill was added during the Golden DX Gacha event on February 24, 2019.[1]


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