Cutie Bomber

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Cutie Bomber


Gender: Female
Game(s): Bomberman GB 3

Cutie Bomber (キューティーボンバー, kyūtībonbā) is a character who appears in Bomberman GB 3. She is described as a bright and beautiful girl, and the only female scientist in Bomber Nebula.[1] She appears to live and work on planet Owan. As the engineer behind the four Moto Bomber models, her role in the game is to build new Moto Bombers for White Bomberman and provide maintenance when they are destroyed.[2] In-game, she appears in cutscenes and on the Moto Bomber select screen as a support character.

She appears to have a working relationship with Honey, who exchanges her Moto Bombers for Bomber Capsules at the Item Clearing House, and Kotetsu, who informs Bomberman when there are no more working Moto Bombers (after all available models have been wrecked during the course of a stage).



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