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Game: Bomberman GB 3
HP: 6

Bosura (ボスラ) is the boss of Morimori Stage, in Bomberman GB 3.[1] It yields two Bomber Capsules on defeat.


When Bosura begins to move, it targets the square Bomberman was just standing on and moves in a direct line to that location. While flying, it is invulnerable. Once it reaches the square, it will land and attempt to issue a Bosura Larva attack.

As Bosura takes damage, it will move more quickly.

Bosura Larva

The Bosura Larva.

If there is no Bosura Larva (ボスラの幼虫, bosura no youchuu)[1] on screen, Bosura will create one. The Larva begins on Bosura's square and moves in a random direction. It is invulnerable for about one second. It moves aimlessly, turning or reversing at random, and has 1 HP.

W Attack

After having landed twice, Bosura flies to the upper boundary of the screen (for example, if Bomberman is at the bottom of the map, the boss will not end up at the top of the map) and begins its W Attack (W攻撃, W kougeki).[1] It flies left and right, reversing at the sides of the screen. When it lines up vertically with Bomberman, it stops moving and fires two silk-like bullets, one on either side of the square Bomberman currently occupies. The bullets fly all the way to the bottom of the screen and cause collision damage. After firing two sets of bullets, Bosura will immediately resume its normal movement pattern.



  • The name "Bosura" is derived from the name of the kaiju "mosura", better known in English as Mothra.


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