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Devil Bomber

BombermanHero Devil Bomber.png

Gender: Male
Game(s): Bomberman GB 3, Bomberman Hero

Devil Bomber (デビルボンバー, debiru bonbā) is a character who debuted in Bomberman GB 3. He was created by Buggler, who eventually grew angry of his egotistical nature and imprisoned him within the depths of the planet Owan.[1]

Bomberman GB 3

At the onset of the story, a change in Owan's crust accidentally breaks the seal on Devil Bomber, releasing him. He escapes with a horde of minions, conquering the planet and stealing Bomberman's power source, the Bomber Capsules. After this, he returns to in the deepest part of Owan as his minions reign the overworld. He appears as the final boss of the Story Mode as well as the Challenge Mode.[1]

Devil Bomber's Bunshin

Devil Bomber has two bunshin (ぶんしん, an "other self" or copy) that appear as large enemies in Round 3 of the Devil Stage. Each one has the same pattern. However, the second bunshin is faced in an arena with a Skull Bomb on each corner of the map, providing less room to set bombs and hindering movement.

The bunshin moves by cloaking himself and floating in a straight line toward the square Bomberman last occupied. He is invulnerable during this time. Once he lands on the square, he opens his cloak and begins forming a sphere in his hands. During this time, he is vulnerable; if hit, he will be stunned for a moment. He will then split the sphere into four spheres of equal size, which spread out about two squares horizontally and vertically away from the origin point in an X pattern. Once they reach their destinations, the spheres will move up or down in straight lines until they reach the edge of the screen. After a moment, Devil Bomber cloaks himself once again. If he has lost at least 3 HP, he will perform his secondary attack; otherwise, he will repeat this attack. He has 5 HP.

For the bunshin's second pattern, he moves to the exit and splits into two copies, one moving left and the other moving right. The copies make two mirrored loops around the stage before recombining on the central square, as demonstrated in the following screenshots. Bomberman will be completely safe if he remains outside of the predetermined path.

Challenge Mode

Devil Bomber appears as the boss at the end of both maps in the Challenge Mode. He only utilizes the first attack pattern of the bunshin. He has 3 HP and yields 5000 points on defeat.

Devil Bomber Form 1

In the first map of Round 6, Devil Bomber has an identical appearance to his bunshin counterparts, but his attack pattern is different. He cloaks himself and flies to the center of the arena before moving to the upper middle square. He then begins flying left and right while issuing pairs of projectiles down the screen. The projectiles move at an ordinary pace, passing over all obstacles until they leave the screen. Devil Bomber fires eight pairs of projectiles before ending this part of the pattern. He is invulnerable this entire time.

After finishing his projectile attack, Devil Bomber flies to the last square Bomberman occupied. He then lands and performs the same four sphere attack from the bunshin battles. At this time, he is vulnerable. He then cloaks himself again and flies to the center of the arena before flying back to the upper row and resuming his projectile attack. Devil Bomber has 7 HP.

Devil Bomber Form 2

Because this battle takes place in a different map, Bomberman has the option to select a Moto-Bomber.

In this form, Devil Bomber appears in the background off the top of the platform. He has two large hands on either side of the platform, which will move vertically to align with Bomberman. Once they detect him, they will stop and move horizontally to touch together in the middle of the screen. They then pull back and try to line up with him again. The hands are invulnerable.

There is a weak point in the upper-middle square of the arena. It has 4 HP. When it is destroyed, a spider-like enemy character resembling Devil Bomber will emerge. This enemy character persistently chases Bomberman. It has 4 HP. When it is destroyed, the battle is won.

After the battle, Devil Bomber blows up the Dark Area and disappears.

Bomberman Hero

Once Bomberman has collected all of the Other-Dimensional Bombs and defeated Buggler, Devil Bomber appears at the secret world Gothic Star, watching the destruction of Garaden Star and lambasting his creator for failing yet again. When Bomberman reaches him, Devil Bomber reveals that he was the one responsible for hiding the bombs across the planets in Bomber Nebula. The two battle amidst a storm atop a round platform.[2]

Devil Bomber has 7 HP in the Japanese release and 10 HP in the international releases. The target score for his stage is 3000 in the Japanese version[2] and 6000 in the international releases.


Devil Bomber remains airborne with the use of his wings. If Bomberman throws a bomb at him, he will try to dodge to the left or right. He causes damage on collision.[2]


Devil Bomber flaps his wings three times before performing the swoop (急降下, kyūkōka) attack. This is a straight-line attack toward the ground near Bomberman's location. At this time, it is possible to dodge to the left or right and hit Devil Bomber with a bomb.[2]


Devil Bomber flaps his wings once before performing the Blaze (火炎, kaen) attack. He tosses two red objects onto the field, which erupt into large flames. This is a short-range attack.[2]


The Shuriken (手裏剣) attack is always triggered at the same time as the Blaze attack. Devil Bomber throws two large shuriken off to the side. After the Blaze attack has finished, the shuriken loop around and flies toward Bomberman from either side.[2]


Devil Bomber lands on the ground and folds his wings around his body before issuing the Tornado (竜巻, tatsumaki) attack. Huge blades of wind spread out from him in a spiral. The blades can be dodged by jumping over them. This attack is often performed directly after the Shuriken attack.[2]


Devil Bomber's undocumented scythe attack.

Devil Bomber spawns a burning scythe in his hands and swings it around, creating a big trail of flames. When the fire dies out, the scythe disappears, and he slowly spins one more time before he can take another action. He tends to perform the scythe attack if Bomberman is near him while he is standing on the platform. This attack is not documented in the guidebook, and its official name is unknown.



  • In the international releases of Bomberman Hero, Devil Bomber's name was censored to Evil Bomber.
  • According to the guidebook for Bomberman Hero, Devil Bomber is stronger than Buggler.
  • Early concept art of Papuru from Bombergirl references Devil Bomber's design, including a sketch of his head.


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