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Gender: Female
Game(s): Super Bomberman 4, Saturn Bomberman, Bomberman GB 3, Bomberman B-Daman, Super Bomberman 5, Neo Bomberman, Saturn Bomberman Fight!!, Bomberman Wars, Bomberman Party Edition, Bombergirl
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Honey (ハニー[1], hanī, also known as ハニーちゃん[2], Honey-chan) is a mascot character[3] who was featured prominently in Hudson Soft's commercials in the 1990's.[2] She is a reccurring character in the Bomberman series.


Honey and Kotetsu pursuing Bomberman.

When the position of Hudson Soft's idol was handed over from Haruka Sawaguchi, who played Pretty Bomber, to Takahashi Chiyomi, the costume of the character was altered from an outfit based on Pretty Bomber (often without her helmet) into more of a cowgirl style. At this point, the design was split off into a separate character, or, in some early instances, a separate version of the same character. In an issue of Comic Bom Bom, it is explained that Honey had previously been abducted by Buggler and transformed into Pretty Bomber.[4] A similar story is also printed in the non-canon manga Minasaaan! Bomberman Desuyo!!, in which she is described as a middle school student and fan of Bomberman who was abducted by Buggler and brainwashed using a device built by Plasma Bomber.[5]

The character of Kotetsu was introduced alongside the revamped Honey. Though the two characters were not friends, they teamed up in their pursuit of Bomberman.[4] Both characters often appeared in commercials, chasing Bomberman around and attacking him.

As Honey, Chiyomi performed various song and dance routines, appearing alone or alongside Kotetsu at various events.[4] Unlike the previous incarnation of Pretty Bomber, the idol's singing was occasionally reflected in other media, such as 4-komas, a desktop buddy application, and her idle animation in Saturn Bomberman.

Super Bomberman 4

Honey is on board the Bomber Shuttle when the Bomber Shitennou wreck it. She falls into the black hole and ends up in the Modern Era. As an Assistance Bomber, she aids the player when she is released from a cage.[6] She appears in area 6.

Honey also appears as one of two costumes the player character can wear when the Cosplay item is obtained. The costume is randomly decided between Honey and Kotetsu. When the player is hit with an explosion, the costume is lost; thus it functions as a Heart.[6] This item only appears in Stage 10 of the Battle Game.

Saturn Bomberman

Honey appears as a playable character in the Battle Game, occupying the third character slot. She is described as Hudson Soft's popular new heroine in the Japanese instruction booklet.[1] As a CPU opponent, she plays defensively, looking for an opening.[1] She loves to make chains and detonate bombs. Her special CPU abilities are prioritized as follows:[2]

  1. Burning Dragon Destruction: Sets up a chain of three bombs.
  2. Bomb Seal: Traps another player with a bomb.
  3. Plague Spread: Tries to use Skull panels to infect other players.

Bomberman GB 3

Item Clearing House.jpg

Honey appears in the Item Clearing Houseon Owan each time Bomberman defeats a boss character, and will trade Bomber Capsules with him in exchange for special items.[7] She also appears in the ending cinematic, celebrating Bomberman's victory alongside his other friends.

Super Bomberman 5

Honey appears alongside Kotetsu as an enemy character in the three Zone ? areas. These areas allow the player to pick up more items and clear a Zone without having to face a boss. She moves quickly, pursuing the player character. If she lines up with a player character, she will stop, face her target, and fire a fast and dangerous bullet in a line toward them. She can execute this attack repeatedly. Honey has 2HP (3HP if a second player is present) and yields 1000 points when defeated.[8]

Neo Bomberman

Honey is a playable character in the Battle Game. Her special ability is a heart-shaped bomb. When the player presses B and hold up on the analog stick, the first bomb Honey has placed on the field will transform into a hear-shaped bomb. The bomb moves very quickly and randomly around the map until it explodes. By triggering this ability multiple times, the player can transform each of Honey's bombs, in order of when they were placed.

Notably, Honey is the only Battle Game character (aside from the villain, Atomic Bomber) who does not appear as an Assistance Bomber in the Normal Game, while Pretty Bomber plays a role in the story.

Saturn Bomberman Fight!!

Left to right: Arm, Speed, Kick, Jump, Big Bomb. Small bomb: 1 point; big bomb: 10 points.
⃤: Minimum damage. ■: Maximum damage. Pink: Bomb. Blue: Big Bomb. Green: Super-Big Bomb.

Honey is a time-traveling bounty hunter with a strong competitive spirit. After the defeat of the Hige Hige Bandits, she had been in a bad mood, since there was a lack of significant bounties and therefore a lack of cash. When she received a letter inviting her to the Bomber Tournament, which would grant any one wish to the winner, she decided to join in order to wish for more money than she could ever need.[9]

In this game, Kotetsu is said to be her disciple, though she treats him as a servant.[9]

Health 60
Arm 60
Speed 70
Kick 60
Jump 50
Big Bomb Gauge 60


Story Mode

  • Stage 1: Peggy Jr.: Honey feels slighted at being matched up against the penguin, and is only more aggravated when she feels it's ignoring her.
  • Stage 2: Mami: Mami respects Honey's strength and wants to become her student, but Honey is surprised and hesitant.
  • Stage 3: Golem Bomber: Honey wishes to claim the bounty on Golem Bomber's head. Golem Bomber, however, thinks that she believes his name is literally "bounty head".
  • Stage 4: Radibom: Honey calls Radibom a piece of trash, for which he retaliates by calling her a hag. This incenses her greatly as he continues to taunt her even after having been defeated.
  • Stage 5: Combatant #12: Honey tries to interrogate the Hige Hige unit and scares him in the process, but becomes increasingly annoyed and aggressive when he calls her "scary" and "violent".
  • Stage 6: Kotetsu and Denta: The two warriors tell Honey to keep out of their personal feud, unintentionally belittling her in the process, which only aggravates her. Denta is stunned to have lost to her.
  • Stage 7: Black Bomber: The two competitors are completely disrespectful toward one another even after the match.
  • Stage 8: Deral: Deral opens by backhandedly congratulating Honey for making it to the end, but it quickly devolves into the two trading insults on their physical appearances (Deral having no face and Honey being skinny).

As an Opponent

  • Honey acts cocky toward the unflinching White Bomber, but once defeated, she says he should have held back since he was fighting a defenseless girl.
  • When Kotetsu defeats Honey, he wants to see her pistol, which enrages her.


In Honey's ending, the bounty hunter wishes for money. Money falls out of the sky, but does not stop. Soon, she is buried under a pile of money, unable to move.

Bomberman Wars

Honey appears as a secret character who can be battled if the player returns to Tinnitus Canyon after clearing it once.[11]

5 2 N/A

Bomberman Party Edition

Honey is a playable character in the Advanced Level Battle Game, alongside Kotetsu, the Bomber Shitennou, and Great Bomber. Her special ability is her pistol, which she can use freely to shoot and detonate bombs.[3]


Honey makes a nameless cameo appearance as an in-game guide on some menus and a mute character in the online comics.



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