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Artwork of Owan from the Bomberman GB 3 manual.

Owan (オワン) is the 11th planet of Bomber Nebula and the setting of Bomberman GB 3.[1] The planet has a flat surface known as the "overworld" and a long, tapering, rocky body that contains the "underworld" and, in the deepest point, a location known as "darkness".[2] It was there, in the darkness, that Professor Bagura imprisoned Devil Bomber at some point in the past.

During the events of the game, White Bomberman was the commanding defense officer of Owan.[1] He alone was tasked with restoring peace when Devil Bomber broke free and attacked the overworld. Other known residents at the time included Cutie Bomber, Honey, Kotetsu, and Black Bomberman.

The overworld of Owan contains a forest, a factory, and a snowy mountain. The underworld contains a volcanic area, a lake, and a desert. The dark area, also known as the Devil Stage, was once Devil Bomber's prison, but it broke off from the rest of the planet at the end of the game after the climactic battle. The remains of this area seem to have become the drifting Gossick Star seen in Bomberman Hero.


In Japanese, the word "owan" means "bowl"; this may be an intentional reference to Owan's bowl-like shape. The planet Owan is only named in the opening and closing cutscenes of Bomberman GB 3. In the game's instruction manual, it is simply referred to as the 11th planet of Bomber Nebula.


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