Machine Bomber

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Machine Bomber

Machine Bomber.png

Gender: Male
Game(s): Panic Bomber

Machine Bomber (マシンボンバー, mashin bonbā) is a secret character who appears in Panic Bomber on the Virtual Boy. He has the appearance of a machine-like White Bomberman. He wears a belt buckle with an insignia on it which is similar to those worn by the Midnight Bombers. Machine Bomber appears when the player makes a chain of five erasures in the game. Rising up in the foreground, he fires blasts at the player's field, eliminating all items from it, and causing five rows of Lit Bombs and one row of Burned Bombers to appear. Although he is not named or referenced outside of this secret appearance, he was featured on two menko, from where his name is derived, and a keshi of him was produced.

Special Event

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