Bomber Mummy

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Bomber Mummy

Bomber Mummy.png

Gender: Male
Game(s): Panic Bomber, Pocket Bomberman
Affiliation(s): Midnight Bombers

Bomber Mummy (ボンバーマミー, bonbā mamī) is a character who debuted in Panic Bomber on the Virtual Boy. He lies in wait in the pyramid of the Slippery Desert, guarding the third medal. In-game, he is said to be generally incomprehensible.[1]

Panic Bomber


Japanese Translation






Bomber Mummy tends to stack items on the left and right sides of his playing field. He drops items at a fast pace.[1]

Pocket Bomberman

Bomber Mummy in Pocket Bomberman.

Appearing as a large, floating head, Bomber Mummy is the boss of the Normal Level in the Jump Game. He is described as a "silent mummy man". He makes irregular movements left and right, alternating between three speeds, and has 2 HP.[2] Each time he is defeated, the door above him will open.[3] He appears four times in the Normal Level, and yields 1500 points for each time he is defeated.


The character of Bomber Mummy was modified in the U.S. localizations of both games he appeared in.

  • In the U.S. release of Panic Bomber, he is renamed Rahtut, and is said to possess "royal wizardry".[4] His dialogue is changed to "HA HA HA HA HA!"
  • In the U.S. release of Pocket Bomberman, he is said to be female, to have escaped from a "mysterious pyramid", and to have become one of Babylon's minions.[3]


A Bomber Mummy menko.
  • A keshi of Bomber Mummy was produced, as well as at least two menko.
  • Bomber Mummy makes a cameo appearance in Bomberman Jetters. In episode 34, A Fierce Battle! B-1 Grand Prix!!, he is seen standing in a line of competitors signing up for the B-1 Grand Prix, a tournament on Planet Bomber. In the next episode, he is seen losing to Zero by way of ring-out, yelling "I'm sorry!"? gomennasai His outfit changes slightly between appearances - in episode 34, he is seen wearing dark blue gloves, while in episode 35, his gloves are wrapped in cloth, and his feet are a much lighter blue.


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