Monster Bomber

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Monster Bomber

Monster Bomber.png

Gender: Male
Game(s): Panic Bomber
Affiliation(s): Midnight Bombers

Monster Bomber (モンスターボンバー, monsutā bonbā) is a character who debuted in Panic Bomber on the Virtual Boy. He is normally a docile person, and guards the medal in Zumimino Forest.[1]


Japanese Translation




I will protect the medal.
I will not lose.
You will lose.
You'd better go home.


Monster Bomber tends to stack items on the far left side of his playing field. According to the instruction booklet, he attacks with precision.[1]


Monster Bomber was renamed to Partz in the U.S. localization of Panic Bomber. Other than this, his personality is retained.[2] His dialogue is changed to "My duty is to protect the Medal. Be gone."


A Monster Bomber menko.
  • Monster Bomber's personality is strongly reflected through his dialogue in the Japanese release. He uses "boku"? ぼく, a humble way of saying "I", and refers to Bomberman with the familiar term "kimi"? きみ, a friendly way of saying "you".
  • A keshi of Monster Bomber was produced, as well as at least two menko.
  • Monster Bomber is the only member of the Midnight Bombers to not appear in Pocket Bomberman.
  • Monster Bomber makes a cameo appearance in Bomberman Jetters. In episode 34, A Fierce Battle! B-1 Grand Prix!!, he is seen standing in a line of competitors signing up for the B-1 Grand Prix, a tournament on Planet Bomber.


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