Bomber Witch

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Bomber Witch

Bomber Witch.png

Gender: Female
Game(s): Bomberman World, Bomberman Wars, Bomberman Online (PC)
Affiliation(s): Light Force Bombers

Bomber Witch (ボンバーウィッチ, bonbā uitchi)[1] is a recurring playable character.

Bomberman World

Bomber Witch is a playable character in the Battle Game. As an AI-controlled opponent, she behaves in a fickle manner. She will often intentionally take Skull items for herself.[2]

Bomberman Wars

Bomber Witch is one of four units led by Bomber Hero to defeat the Lizard Man. She is a default unit who is unlocked from the onset of the game. Although she has low mobility, she has the highest bomb placement range of any ordinary unit, which makes her capable of dropping bombs in places deeper into the opponent's territory, even beyond numerous obstacles.[3] This makes her an attack-oriented unit.[1]

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Bomberman Online

Bomber Witch appears as a playable character in Bomberman Online for the PC.


  • When Bomber Witch places a bomb in Bomberman Wars, she says "chichin puipui". This is a common "magical phrase" used in Japanese fiction, comparable to "abracadabra".
  • In the U.S. release of Bomberman World, she is dubbed Witch Bomberman,[4] while in the European release, she is called Witch Bomber.[5]
  • In Bomberman Online for the Dreamcast, a set of custom parts are based off of Bomber Witch's design.
  • A plush of Bomber Witch was produced by SEGA in 1998 as a tie-in to Bomberman Wars.


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