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Gender: Female
Game(s): Saturn Bomberman Fight!!, Bomberman Quest

Pump (パンプ, panpu), also transliterated as Pampu,[1] is a playable character who debuted in Saturn Bomberman Fight!![2]

Saturn Bomberman Fight!!

Left to right: Arm, Speed, Kick, Jump, Big Bomb. Small bomb: 1 point; big bomb: 10 points.
⃤: Minimum damage. ■: Maximum damage. Pink: Bomb. Blue: Big Bomb. Green: Super-Big Bomb.

Pump is a shinigami who hides her identity with a pumpkin mask. Although she calls herself the best shinigami in the world, she has only ever collected souls of poor quality. Over time, her low-quality collection began to make her doubt her abilities. However, when she learned of the Bomber Tournament, she decided to join in order to harvest the souls of the competitors there.[2]

Health 60
Arm 60
Speed 80
Kick 40
Jump 50
Big Bomb Gauge 60


  • Because Pump doesn't have high ability scores, she should use obstacles to her advantage and attack from a distance.
  • Evasive maneuvers should be taken if Pump happens to pick up a bad item.

Story Mode

  • Stage 1: From the North Country...
    • VS. Combatant No. 12 and Bagulor
    • Bagulor judges Pump to be a weak opponent and commands Combatant No. 12 to deal with her, but the unit is afraid that she will steal its soul.
  • Stage 2: Desert of Offense and Defense
    • VS. Honey
    • Honey spots Pump's pumpkin and decides to use it as a shooting target. Pump introduces herself as a shinigami, but Honey doesn't understand the implication until after she is defeated. Pump recognizes her as a dangerous person and vows to add her soul to her collection, despite Honey trying to claim that her soul isn't valuable.
  • Stage 3: The Usual
    • Radibon
    • Radibon irritates Pump, making repetitive noises no matter how much she tells him to stop. He finally speaks after losing to her, complaining that she is noisy, too.
  • Stage 4: Welcome to Southern Island
    • Peggy Jr.
    • Peggy Jr.'s silent staring both bores and grates on Pump, as it declines to respond with even a single sound.
  • Stage 5: Nameless Castle
    • Puipui
    • Puipui desperately wants to eat Pump's mask, to which she strongly objects.
  • Stage 6: Desert of Offense and Defense
    • Denta
    • Denta, feeling that Pump's gimmick is too similar to his own, believes there is only room for one assassin, and intends to eliminate her.
  • Stage 7: Floating Castle Fort
    • White Bomber
    • Pump recognizes the hero Bomberman. Though she thinks he seems weird, she is happy to add his soul to her collection. Bomberman doesn't understand, but fights with confidence, giving her respect when he is defeated.
  • Stage 8: Decisive Battle!
    • Deral
    • Deral finds Pump's appearance amusing, and tells her that she (Pump) should be honoured to do battle with her. Pump responds by saying that it is Deral who should be honoured to compete against the most powerful shinigami.

As an Opponent

  • Pump demands that Golem Bomber hand over his soul, but he doesn't seem to know what a soul is, and doesn't believe that he has one. The reaper decides that he is feigning ignorance and tries to take it by force, but is bested in battle.
  • Bagulor believes Pump wants his soul because it is "high class", but Pump is quick to correct him, saying that even though she wants his soul, there is nothing special about it. This angers Bagulor greatly. After she is defeated, Pump says he just got lucky.
  • Pump's incessant laughter and demanding of Kotetsu's soul, together with Radibon's maniacal chattering, bother the samurai as he tries to maintain focus. Even after defeating them and clearing his mind, they continue to yell noisily at him, breaking his calm demeanor yet again.
  • Black Bomber regards Pump's demands as mad ravings. Even after defeat, Pump continues to demand that Black Bomber hand over his soul, but this only serves to annoy him.
  • As usual, Pump demands Lewysia's soul, but the princess is more concerned with the prospect of a talking pumpkin. Even after being defeated, Pump claims that she'll steal Lewysia's soul if she doesn't apologize, though the threat is empty.
  • Mami finds Pump's dialect and laughter to be amusing, and begins imitating her, much to the reaper's chagrin.


Pump removes her pumpkin on the ending screen.

In Pump's ending, despite having won the tournament, she forgets to actually collect any of her opponents' souls. She returns to the world of spirits empty-handed.[1]

Bomberman Quest

At the end of the game, if Bomberman has captured all of the monsters in the game, Pump will appear jumping and animating on top of the Bomber Shuttle. The player cannot interact with her. However, unused graphics of Pump, including other facing directions and a "hurt" frame, indicate that she may have originally been intended to be faced as a secret boss, along with Mami, Lewysia, and Deral.

Pump hops atop the Bomber Shuttle.


  • Pump speaks in a thick Osaka dialect.[2]
  • Pump uses the word "achiki" to say "I". "Achiki" is a variant of "wachiki", a female pronoun used by entertainers during the Edo period.


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