Hoop Ghost

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Boss 1

Neo Boss 1.png

Game: Neo Bomberman
HP: 6

The boss of World 1 in Neo Bomberman is a large ghost with a hula hoop. Because its official name is currently unknown, it will be referred to as Hoop Ghost in this article.

Hoop Ghost moves in a circular pattern, slowly moving toward the characters. While in the air, characters may pass safely underneath it, and it cannot be hit by explosions. Once a player gets close to its shadow, the boss will slam onto the ground, causing collision damage. During this time, it is susceptible to blasts. After picking up its hula hoop, it will pause for a while before rising back up into the air and resuming its movement pattern.

Hoop Ghost modifies its behaviour as it takes damage. At lower HP, the boss spins its hula hoop faster and it pauses on the ground for less time. After it has lost 3 HP, it will begin dropping slime from its body. The slime is thrown onto a random square. If it lands on an obstacle, it will bounce to the next square until it reaches a free space. Characters who walk on the slime will have slower movement. Slime can be destroyed by a bomb blast. Up to 14 patches of slime may exist on the arena at once.

The boss can only be hit once at a time while it is grounded. It has 6 HP.

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