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Hit Points: 5
Speed: Normal
Debut: Bomberman Quest

Funny (ファニー, fanī), known as Hoopster in the English localization, is a ghost enemy that first appeared in Bomberman Quest.[1]

Bomberman Quest

Funny appears in Map 8-D in the Desert Zone. It meanders randomly, throwing a single hula hoop toward Bomberman. The hula hoop deals 1 HP on contact, and returns to Funny like a boomerang. It can only throw one hula hoop at a time. If Bomberman gets close to Funny, the ghost will warp to another platform - if it is on the lower platform, it will warp to the upper platform, and vice versa.

The recommended strategy is to equip the Wing and fly to the lower-middle platform, which is the largest one. Once there, Bomberman can equip the Power Glove and the Homing Bomb, then throw bombs at the opponent. Because the upper platform is smaller, there is less room for Funny to avoid thrown bombs, and there is more room for Bomberman to dodge thrown hula hoops. Funny has 5 HP and yields a Fire-Up upon defeat.[1]


Questmug Funny.png Hey, you there! Let's dance! Come on and party with me!
Questmug Bomberman.png All right, let's you and me party!
Questmug Funny.png へぇい! ふーらふーぷで


Heey! Leeet's hula hoop! Danciiing!
Questmug Bomberman.png くそー!まけるもんかー!

こっちも だんしんぐだー!

Crap! I can't lose! This dancing!


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