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Game: Bomberman GB 2
HP: 8

Daimummy[1] (ダイマミー, daimamī)[2] is the boss of the Pyramid Area in Bomberman GB 2. It is a large mummy boss wrapped in bandages.[3] When Indy Bomber defeats Daimummy, he receives the Tackle.

Daimummy moves in cardinal directions, pausing at every intersection on the grid. It attacks by shooting a spread shot of three laser beams toward Indy Bomber.[4][3] Depending on the positioning of the boss and the player character, this will result in one of two patterns, as seen below in the gallery. When firing, Daimummy pauses for a longer period of time.

Although Daimummy's movements are fairly quick, it is still slower than the Dash, and its pausing after every two squares of movement slows it further.



"Dai" means "big" or "great" in Japanese; this boss's name roughly translates to "Big Mummy".


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