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Indy Bomber

Indy Bomber.png

Gender: Male
Game(s): Bomberman GB 2

Indy Bomber (インディーボンバー, indeībonbā) is a character who appears in Bomberman GB 2. He is Bomberman's "grandfather" in that he is a member of a line of Bombermen produced several generations beforehand. He and the other Bombermen of his production line were manufactured primarily for exploration, so he is functionally inferior to the current Bomberman model. However, Indy Bomber himself had a strong-willed and passionate personality that allowed him to persevere against the odds, a trait which he seems to have passed down to White Bomberman.[1]

Indy Bomber had been traveling across the land in search of the Legendary Treasure, a ring said to be able to grant any wish. Upon finding it, however, the ground opened and swallowed him up.[2] He battled his way through an expansive underground labyrinth until he finally reached the treasure once again. When he found the treasure, he decided to leave it behind instead of taking it with him, so the next adventurer could seek it out.

In the Battle Mode, player one plays as Indy Bomber.

In the western release of Bomberman GB 2 (known as Bomberman GB), Indy Bomber is just known as "Bomberman".[3]


Indy Bomber begins his quest with no real power, but gains some abilities which are atypical in most Bomberman games. In lieu of the Kick item, he gains a functionally identical whip which stays with him for the rest of his journey. He also obtains the Dash and Tackle abilities as well as a Moto Bomber.



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