Majin Junior

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Majin Junior

Majin Junior.png

Hit Points: Super 4/5: 1
MAX: 2
Speed: Normal
Score: Super 4/5: 100
Debut: Super Bomberman 4

Majin Junior (小魔神[1] or 小魔人,[2] ko majin, or マジーンジュニア,[3] majīn junia) is an enemy that first appeared in Super Bomberman 4

Super Bomberman 4

Majin Junior appears in the Primeval Era. It moves at a normal pace. It pauses before having a chance to turn left or right when colliding with an obstacle. Occasionally, it will pause on a random square, but it cannot choose to turn at this time.[1] Although it appears to jump left and right, only the square it occupies is dangerous.

Super Bomberman 5

Majin Junior appears in ZONE 4, retaining its basic behaviour from the previous game. It randomly pauses for about 2-4 seconds.[2] However, it does not pause before turning directions.

Bomberman MAX

Majin Junior appears on Zaurus Star. It moves randomly at an ordinary pace. Occasionally, it will leap over a single obstacle. While leaping, it is invulnerable. It has 2 HP.[3]



  • "Majin" is a Japanese word which roughly means "evil spirit".
  • Majin Junior is based on the haniwa, clay burial figures dating to 3rd-6th century Japan. Animate haniwa often appear in Japanese media.


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