Crystal Demon

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Crystal Demon

Quest Crystal Demon.png

Hit Points: Quest: 6
Tournament: 1
Speed: Normal
Debut: Bomberman Quest

Crystal Demon (クリスタルデーモン, kurisutaru dēmon) is an enemy that first appeared in Bomberman Quest.[1]

Bomberman Quest

Gargoyle appears in Cave 4-2 (Map 6-D) in the Desert Zone. It flies aimlessly, throwing its scythe? Referred to as an "axe" (オノ) in the guidebook. at Bomberman.[1] The initial throw of the scythe has a reach of about four squares. Once it reaches its maximum length, it will return to Crystal Demon like a boomerang. However, if the enemy happens to move out of the way, the scythe will miss, and will continue to circle around it until it is caught. Crystal Demon only has one scythe, so it must have it in its posession to be able to throw it. If Crystal Demon is hit by an explosion, the scythe will instantly return to it.

Because it is airborne, only Circle Bombs can damage it. The recommended strategy is to use the Power Glove to throw Homing Bombs at it. Crystal Demon has 6 HP and yields the Glasses upon defeat.[1] Crystal Demon, its scythe, and the pool of lava in the center of the map all deal 1 HP of damage on collision.


Questmug CrystalDemon.png Look at my eyes--you are getting sleepy. Your body is getting heavy.
Questmug Bomberman.png Yawn...Zzz...Ha! Did you think that would work! I'm not sleepy!
Questmug CrystalDemon.png That's funny...It made me sleepy...Yawn!
Questmug CrystalDemon.png あなたはだんだんねむくなるー


You're slowly getting sleepy... You're sleepy, sleepy...
Questmug Bomberman.png ふわぁ… ぐー…って


[Yawn]... [sleepy]... Yeah, like that will make me sleepy!
Questmug CrystalDemon.png へんだなー わたしはこんなに


Strange, it's making me sleepy... [Yawn]...

Bomberman Tournament

Crystal Demon appears in the Sky Castle. It wanders aimlessly, often turning or reversing directions.[2] It can pass over soft blocks. Periodically, Crystal Demon will disappear for a short time. When it reappears, it will throw a slow-moving sickle directly toward Bomberman; the sickle continues in a straight line, passing over everything, until it leaves the screen. Both Crystal Demon and its projectile deal 2 HP of base damage on contact. It has 1 HP.


Although Crystal Demon's name and design are unique to Bomberman, its behaviour pattern in Bomberman Tournament is similar to that of the "Demon" enemy in the earlier Hudson Soft game Neutopia II. Most of the enemy characters in Bomberman Tournament were derived from Neutopia II.


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