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Gender: Male
Game(s): Panic Bomber, Pocket Bomberman
Affiliation(s): Midnight Bombers

Bombpire (ボンパイア, bonpaia) is a character who debuted in Panic Bomber on the Virtual Boy. He lives in Moiru Castle and guards the Golden Bomberman statue. In-game, he is said to be prone to becoming very angry.[1]

Panic Bomber


Before Battle:

Japanese Translation

集めたメダル だが

どうせムダに なるのだー!

3回勝負ぞ やっつけて やるのだー!

You've done well to gather the medals.
However, it was all in vain!
I'll finish you in a 3-match bout!

After Battle:

Japanese Translation
ま 負けた…

黄金の ボンバーマン は おまえのもの なのだ…!

I, I lost...
The Golden Bomberman is yours...!


Bombpire has high attack power, and as the penultimate boss, is the second-strongest opponent in the game. Bomberman must defeat him in two matches to win.[1] If Bombpire wins two matches, it will be a game over.

Pocket Bomberman

Bombpire in Pocket Bomberman.

Appearing as a large, floating head, Bombpire is the boss of the Hard Level in the Jump Game. He is described as a mischievous vampire. He moves left and right, flapping his collar like wings. When Bomberman is level with him, Bombpire can make a quick rush attack toward him. He has 2 HP.[2] Each time he is defeated, the door above him will open.[3] He appears four times in the Hard Level, and yields 1500 points for each time he is defeated.


The character of Bombpire was modified in the U.S. localizations of both games he appeared in.

  • In the U.S. release of Panic Bomber, he is renamed Count Dracu-boom and is stated to be the island's ruler.[4] His dialogue is changed to "I shall beat you in a three-game match. These Medals are MINE!" and "Shucks, I lost... I give you the Gold Bomber."
  • In the U.S. release of Pocket Bomberman, he is described as coming from "transylvania" (sic) and "searching for fresh blood".[3]


A Bombpire menko.
  • The name "Bombpire" ("bonpaia" in Japanese) is a word pun - "banpaia" is a way to spell "vampire" in Japanese, while "bon" is in reference to "bomb".
  • In the Japanese text, Bombpire calls Bomberman "omae", a rude way of saying "you", after he has lost.
  • A keshi of Bombpire was produced, as well as at least one menko.
  • Bombpire is the only member of the Midnight Bombers to not make a cameo appearance in Bomberman Jetters.


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